The Pandora’s Box! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

The Pandora’s Box! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Aug 26, 2018

“America you have crossed the line, the point of no return! The signs are before you but you refuse to acknowledge the facts!

Your King is falling, the house of cards is teetering and few seem to notice. Blinded by the lust of money, the scales of mammon abound!

The Banker is fraudulent but the Baker has no care! Give, give is his cry. More, more is the demand of those entangled with riches and dishonor!

My shaking has arrived in greater force. My winds of judgement have increased and there is no denying it! Wake up oh sleeping Giant, My Victorious Church, for soon your battle will begin, your good fight of faith. For all things that I have spoken through My prophets will surely come to pass!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 27)

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