The Only Guaranteed Haven – Tracy Lee King


The Only Guaranteed Haven

June 4, 2022 2:57 PM
Tracy Lee King

In prayer, I asked the Lord what there is left to do (I’m getting impatient for His coming), and he said, “tell everyone about me and what is coming”. I’ve been doing that so I asked him to give me words to speak. Here’s what I got:

Word June 1, 2022
The Only Guaranteed Haven

“There’s no condemnation in me but I demand justice. My laws are true and good and all those who disobey willingly stomp on my words and will pay the ultimate price.

Repent and turn back to me for I am a spring of water for your souls.

Embrace my ways for my ways are true and good. I don’t give you my commands to make things difficult but rather that you would stay under my wings, in safety and Truth. By following my laws the enemy can get no foothold on your life. He’s setting to devour you and his legal rights are written within my Word. He takes what he is allowed for I give him authority and I protect those who follow my laws; thus, he can take no license with those who walk with me. Walk in my shadow, in the secret place of safety, where you will be sheltered from enemy attacks and devastations.

My children are mine inheritance and I protect them with an unquenchable fire and yet they will not be burned, but refined.

Hold fast to my word, harbor your hearts within my bosom, for there you will be safe. I wish no harm to those who love me and follow my commands for they are my children.

Be wary of false doctrines that teach lies, lies that are getting knit into the fabric of even the doctrine of the elect.

The enemy of your soul has the same old tricks and yet in these final days, deception is greatest, even my people are falling prey.

Close to me is the only guaranteed haven. Guard your hearts but do not trust yourself, but only me, for even your flesh lies in collusion with the enemy. Gain control over your flesh. Ask me for my help for you cannot do it without me. It will get harder every day. Call on me every waking minute and ask me to cover you when you sleep. Saviour of your soul”

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