The Old Problems Dream – Solitary Man

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The Old Problems Dream

May 14, 2024 10:06 AM
Solitary Man


Last night I dreamed that I was in a house that seemed to be a mixture of my new home and the home of other relatives of mine. It was some sort of social gathering. My parents, who have been deceased for quite some time, were there, as well as my sister and her spouse and at least one niece.

In real life I had recently spent some time fixing a gutter and drainage problem. In the dream the ceiling in my basement began pouring water. I looked outside and there was a heavy snow/rain storm occurring. I was running around frantically trying to find the right pails to catch the water. I also remember being embarrassed that this was happening in front of family, as it seemed like I was showing my family how wonderful my new home was.

The previous night my wife had a dream, which was very unusual, as she almost never dreams, or is able to recall anything in her dreams when she wakes up. In this dream, she was in our new home when suddenly out of nowhere our old evil neighbor from our old home whom we had very much grief pulls up with his truck, backing up to the door. He proceeds to barge in and starts drilling holes in the wall to hang stuff up and generally make changes. His family starts moving things into our bedrooms. My wife has hopping mad all the while while she said that in the dream I seemed like I was almost ok with this invasion.

When my wife told me of this dream, she didn’t think too much of it at the time, and I soon forgot about it. When I had my dream one night later, I believe God wanted me to share these dreams to remind his body of a certain fundamental truth that is all too easily forgotten.

The dream’s main themes are old problems resurfacing. Evil neighbors reappearing in our lives. House repairs that one believed took care of the problem, yet when the storm came, the problem was not fixed at all, but the damage was worse than ever. Even my deceased parents showing up in the dream was another confirmation of something that one thought dead and buried has now resurfaced and is very much alive.

What came to me is those sins, weaknesses, and bad habits that we thought were dealt with, that we assumed were dead and buried, have turned out not to be so. In my own life, the first example that came to my heart is my tendency to laze around in bed past the time I should be getting up and starting my day. When I do this, chances are that my daily prayer time will be cut short. My mind tends to wander when half asleep into areas that are not profitable. Instead of getting up and praying, it’s so much easier to fall into old patterns of laziness and indiscipline.

God is saying that now is definitely not the time to play with old sins and old destructive patterns of behavior. Perhaps some of you are discouraged and depressed over all the evil that surrounds us. Sometimes it seems like life is becoming too much of a struggle, that there is very little victory in this season. It becomes so tempting to want to return to some old habit that provided a certain temporary escape from the drudgery of one’s day to day existence. So you begin to indulge in unclean thoughts of fantasy, or maybe you start giving in to bouts of anger and rage, or perhaps bitterness and/or self-pity are creeping back into your life. You thought you had these problems licked, but the grind of daily life has opened the doors to these things to become a real temptation once again.

God is saying don’t do it! The powers of hell that have been unleashed will make it harder and harder to get free of these things, once you fall back into them. Do not let those things that were once dead and buried be allowed to be resurrected again. Things that you thought were fixed, don’t presume and assume that you are now beyond temptation. Those old enemies may pay you a visit if you are not watching and waiting. If and when they do, don’t be like me in my wife’s dream, where I seemed to be ok with this old evil reappearing and taking control in our lives. Note that I may of been ok with it, but it was causing great suffering to my spouse. This represents the fact that you may become comfortable into falling into some old bad habit, but look around you and be aware that it may be hurting others much more than you think.

Now is not the time to drop our guard and allow the enemy to entangle us in old traps that once provided a temporary release from our stress and sorrows. The time is late. It is becoming far too dangerous to play around with old sins. Repent, and stay repented. Stop giving the devil a place. Yes, the days are evil. There will be moments where it will seem that your life has little meaning, that there is not much to hope for, as far as the future goes. That is why we are to turn our thoughts to heavenly things. The saints of old knew this secret. For most believers, in most ages, they did not have great riches or earthly comforts to distract them. All they had was Jesus, and Jesus was more than enough.

Let us follow in their path, and quit giving the enemy a foothold to wreak havoc in our lives.

Solitary Man

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