The Old Lifestyle Dream – Solitary Man

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The Old Lifestyle Dream

May 16, 2024 10:24 AM
Solitary Man


Last night I dreamed something unusual. I seemed to be in a building that looked like the community center from the small town I grew up in, where weddings and other social events took place. Yet the building was located in the first sizable city that was located about 45 minutes from that small town.

I was there with a lot of relatives from my past, and the building was packed. I think it was a wedding, but I cannot be sure. I was very drunk, and I had a hard time seeing clearly. I kept scrunching my eyes, trying to see straight. It was hard to stay awake.

The building was packed, and I had to go to the bathroom very badly. The lineups were long, but I knew a little used path to the basement where an obscure bathroom was located. I was able to get to a urinal quickly, but it was high up and I had to stand on my tiptoes to be able to use it. People were looking at me from both sides.

I really just wanted to use the bathroom and get out of there. I knew I couldn’t drive, so my wife would have to drive at night, back home to the small town almost an hour away. She doesn’t really drive at night anymore, so I knew that this imposed upon her and put her at risk.

The overall feeling was one of overcrowding, of hating being inebriated and so sleepy, and of wanting to escape that place, a place symbolic of my old way of life that I had abandoned for so many years since I got saved and gotten serious about putting away my old lifestyle. I don’t know why I was where I was, or why or how I got to be in that drunken state. All I know is that this is the first dream that I can ever recall of myself being drunk, as I’ve never had a drink for over 30 years, so it’s not something I ever dream, or even think about.

I asked the Lord for an interpretation, and the first thing I perceived is that this is a followup to the dream of the previous night. It had a similar theme of negative things from one’s past. Because this is the second dream (even a third, if you count my wife’s dream that I also described in yesterday’s dream), this must be a very important lesson. Not just for myself, but for whoever God leads to read this.

If you are not alert, you may find yourself immersed in sins or lifestyles of your destructive past, and you won’t even know how you wound up there. I found myself at the scene of a place where I had spent more than one drunken evening in my youth. I felt disoriented and blinded. I realized I didn’t want to be there. I was trying to see clearly, but I couldn’t. I was trying to stay awake, but it was difficult. I had a pressing need to use the washroom that could not be denied. This was delaying me escaping out of there. I had to cater to that need before I could do anything else. I took shortcuts to be able to fulfill that pressing desire. I fulfilled it in front of spectators, even though I had to really reach for it, putting me in an awkward public posture.

I was going to have to put a loved one at risk (ie – my wife driving in the dark), because of my actions. I was not happy to be where I was. I had no interest in socializing, and I could think of no one else, except my situation and my needs.

I ask that each of you reading this also read my dream the previous night, then pray and seek the Lord. Ask him to reveal to you if somehow you are being subtly drawn to fall back in an old way of thinking, of being tempted into reverting to an old destructive lifestyle pattern. Ask Jesus to deliver you from that temptation, as he is faithful and willing to rescue you from that snare the devil has set for you.

Let us stay watchful and vigilant, for the devil will never give up in trying to tempt us to fall back. As the end draws near, I believe he knows that some of us are destined for great things in the service of the Master. Therefore how much more will he intensify his efforts to derail us before we begin to enter into that final anointing and assignment the Father has for us!

May the Lord give you understanding and discernment in all these things.

Solitary Man

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