April 13, 2019

Auto Transcript

praise Lord everyone welcome to the
Gosselaar 7 endtime prophecy channel I’m
sister Barbara and I actually have um
two prophecy messages to present today
brother Dan got one earlier and then I
got one right after his so I’m doing his
first because I got he got his first so
I’m going to be in the King James
Version Bible and I’m going to be in the
book of Romans chapter 2 um let’s see
verses five and six
but after thy hardness and and pension
and pension at heart treasured up unto
thyself wrath against the day of wrath
and revelation of the righteous judgment
of God who will render to every man
according to his deeds okay that’s as
far as I’m going I’m so once again this
is brother Dan’s prophecy from first
thing this morning
behold for the hint of evil tightens its
grip the Unforgiven tightens his grip on
the Unforgiven shall time not remember
the hour of this warning darkness
emerges from its shadow into the light
of day the odor of death shall suffocate
the living the men of war make ready in
haste their weapons of destruction DC
and treachery have masked the face of
evil its thirst for blood is
unquenchable the days of misery shall
begin in earnest for judgment comes to
the unrepentant Oh Babylon your weakness
will be seen by your enemies for your
days are numbered alas your friends
shall be few while your enemies shall be
no more
I shall use them for my judgement I
shall use them for my judgement comes
upon you over there okay that’s right in
language the one I have so again this is
brother Dan’s prophecy from this morning
so we know we’re in the latter days
repent and be baptized in the name of
Jesus you’ll receive the gift of the
Holy Spirit
we’ve read about that in acts 2:38 and
once again my announcement of the coming
of the glorious kingdom that tuck
prophecy timeframe ended on April 6 2019
and apparently we’re still hearing
prophecy messages but brother Dan and I
so we’re not sure when the transition
will actually take place to what we’re
going to be doing next but we both had
the same thing I’m told to us we will
transition into another position in the
kingdom so god bless you all and be safe
wanting to thank everyone for the
transcripts thank you for all the lovely
comments cards gifts and everyone that
supports our ministry financially and
have peace today that will always love
you all

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