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The North Is Coming – Karen Newberry

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The North Is Coming

January 7, 2022 9:08 AM
Karen Newberry

Waking up this morning I felt a heaviness on me after a hour it was still there I heard “the north is coming” and the Lord spoke of the urgency of this message for me to write and deliver it out.

Received at 9:45am on 1/7/23 please take this to the Lord and pray about it.

AT NIGHT..AT NIGHT they shall attack while the streets are quite and everyone sleeps they will come in numbers
Warn thy people with ears to hear and hearts to receive
Time is short for this event
Many will be toke into captivity
My hand of judgement is upon you oh, America and this must be done
I have warned and warned yet few heed it
Please come to me and repent and you will be safe under my protection
WAR comes my people
The door is closing the clock is about to strike midnight
As darkness falls so does many of my people..if only you would repent
Daughter, my servant tell them AT NIGHT IT COMES

The scriptures the Lord lead me to for this word is Ezekiel 33:6 and Ezekiel 34:12

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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