THE NEXT EVENT – Cassandra B

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Dec 12, 2020, 8:10 PM
Cassandra B

I woke up from my nap 5:30pm December 12,2020 and I hear spoken to me very clearly, mind you I was very surprised to hear this since I hadn’t been contemplating this at all, the Lord spoke and I heard

‘I am going to pour out a vile over the sun and people will become scorched and a new sickness will appear that will cause boils and people losing their hair they will blame it on a new pestilence and disease but it was I the Lord who did these things. This is only a precursor of what’s to come.’

Then I began to think of what can cause this and I understood it to be some kind of radiation that will come from the sun it is the Lord who will cause this event a cme or sun flare so intense it will hurl radiation to the Earth that will cause a new pestilence upon the earth. He also said my people will be supernaturally protected. I asked the Lord when will this happen he said at the next event.

Please pray for more confirmation and timing of this next event because I am unsure of any further details but I had shared here what I heard spoken to me clearly.

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