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The “NEW STATES” in the post Apocalyptic world – Barbara Francis


The “NEW STATES” in the post Apocalyptic world

December 4, 2021
Barbara Francis


They will be staggering in the streets covered with sores in a stupor. There will be a power struggle in the nations. Groups of survivors will band together searching for food and supplies . Millions will have died. The infirm elderly, incarcerated and mentally ill will have been killed. A new world order will be implemented. The remaining rich men will control all aspects of life. They will own everything, the land the water and the air. The military police will patrol the streets they will shoot any lawbreakers on sight . There will be no democracy or republic remaining . The dictator will remove all resistance groups. Concentration camps will be scattered across the “New States”. My name and my book will be banned and illegal. This is the post Apocalyptic world. Millions have vanished or died. The earth has been pummeled by disaster after disaster and war. The Tyrant dictator of the world is now in power. He who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says.

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