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The New Madrid Faultline Destruction

June 8, 2019 10:29PM

The New Madrid Faultine Her Destruction 3 earthquake’s will hit her,several inland tsunami’s & 1 caused by the ocean from a future asteroid sent by The Lord Almighty. My story back in 1994 I was still a new baby christian The Lord choose to give me a serious of endtime dream’s. At the time I couldn’t understand that this is what he was sharing. Keep in mind I was going to Holy Spirit filled churches but no one talked about the end of our world endtime’s

This one dream God had sent to me over 24x’s from 1994 til 2014 about The New Madrid Faultline I didn’t get that’s what he was showing me over n over but in 2014 he revealed it to me while I was speaking to him about The San Andrea’s Faultline . I kept thinking about the movie The Day After Tomorrow where it showed Los Angele’s ripped in 2 by a faultline. Something brought that movie to my mind then like a fuse going off in my mind.The dream’s I’d had over 24x’s about something that hit’s Iowa and split’s apart central Iowa.

The Good Lord said The New Madrid Faultline is what you are seeing in the dream you’ve had 24x’s about Iowa. The Day After Tomorrow hold’s many truth’s about the coming destruction of America. Satan know’s and has no issue’s with mocking God in such a movie because he know’s we are asleep. Most folk’s don’t believe in God nor do alot of Christian’s believe in bible prophecy or endtime’s.

I will share the dream with you all it’s a dream that start’s always the same but lead’s into other prophetic thing’s concerning Iowa. The dream it always start’s with me standing in downtown Des Moine’s, Iowa on the Westside of what use to be downtown next to the Des Moine’s River. Looking eastward to where the state capital use to be now in it’s place as far as Altoona to what use to be the Southside all the way to Indianola IT WAS ALL GONE NOTHING BUT WATER. You could see land past the state capital but it was over 6mile’s plus away.
Altoona is 30miles from Des Moine’s Indianola is 20miles away, I was made to understand this by God in downtown Des Moine’s you have the Des Moines River and the Raccoon both had merged. The Southeast side was gone most of the Southside all but a bit of it. Anything eastward of the main vain road’s Euclid,Grand Ave,Douglas,University will be gone all the way up to Ames,Iowa.

The ground was pushed up high in someplaces creating hilly area’s of downtown especially by where the Des Moine’s and Raccoon River’s use to but now they were 1 . This I was made to understand by earthquake’s Iowa sit’s on a massive qualifier. I understand this will create the massive open water way that looks like a vast ocean occupying the once South and Southeast side of Des Moine’s.

Yes All this was caused by the New Madrid Faultline and the 3 earthquake’s that hit 1 will be triggered by the Great Lake’s triggering The New Madrid. Now if you don’t think this can all happen back in 1812 there was a major earthquake from The New Madrid Faultline it killed around 2000 people and caused The Mississippi to have inland tsunami’s that triggered the epicenter of the Great Lake’s causing seismic activity.
Under The Midwest from Minnesota to Texas there are million’s of catacomb’s stilamight’s,cavern’s which create hole’s that look like swiss cheese this will affect mountain range’s.

The Ozark’s are volcanic with seismic activity. Meaning a massive earthquake will cause lot’s of land mass loss even the Mountain’s huge abyss’s will open up. now again if you don’t think it’s true look up prophetess Dr.Patricia Green back in the 1960’s her husband was invited by some earth scientist who kept big huge take up a whole room map’s of The United States geological make up not just anyone was invited to look.

Dr. Patricia Green’s husband noticed all the catacomb’s stilamight’s cavern’s under The Midwest and he saw all the ones under California on a map that took 3 to 4 people to roll out. The Lord a few year’s back revealed The New Madrid Faultline destruction to Patricia. Bringing back that encounter with those map’s in the 1960’s in a prophetic warning from The Lord.

The Great Lake’s will be affected not once but several time’s by earthquake’s. The Lord made me to understand a few month’s back a 9.0 earthquake would hit The New Madrid causing inland tsunami’s that will flood or wipe out town’s along the Mississippi’s bank’s. The Mississippi River has strong connection’s with water way’s going up into the Great Lake’s flooding state’s over a series of 3 earthquake’s.

1 earthquake will come from The Great Lake’s it’s self triggering The New Madrid. Lake Michigan will dump here water’s into Chicago and man from yrs 71-73 on Youtube was given a series of dreams concerning Chicago he saw The Great Lake’s emptying out into place’s like The Mississippi flooding states. Illinois,Wisconsin,Ohio,Indiana,Michigan I’ve made to understand some of these state’s will vanish but not all of them God will decide this.

Another tsunami will be triggered by an asteroid that hit’s off Puerto Rico this will cause The New Madrid Faultine earthquake. I’ve been made to understand by The Lord almighty the 9.0 one will occur if we divide Israel and cities state’s in danger are St. Louis she is 2 1/2 hrs from the main epicenter of The New Madrid she will be hit with an 8.5 a tsunami will hit her she will be gone PRAY FOR ST.LOUIS I saw an angel pacing back and fourth he looked like he was wearing water only part of his robe the rest was white.

He was in front of St.Louis on the water he seemed agitated but I gather he does this along all the Mississippi River. The angel looked at me stopped picked up water like a blanket of a bed it looked like a wave and throw it at me but meaning St. Louis. St. Paul, Minnesota will also be effect I understood this Tennessee where the The New Madrid is located at will create an abyss 100’s of miles long. Down toward’s Missouri Georgia,Alabama both Louisiana,Texas will be affected not just by this quake but by the asteroid that will come later. Iowa will be hit with a 7.0 earthquake.

Kentucky will also be affected God told prophetess Dr. Patricia Green that man would not be able to build a bridge over the massive divide America will split and be flooded. The Angel’s wait along the faultline to strike it w sledge hammer’s. God let me see and feel the tension near The New Madrid Faultline I prayed it lessen. But it’s like a pop bottle ready to explode the loss of life will be major if we continue to defy God over Israel we will regret it.



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