The Naked Truth! – Benjamin Faircloth

By Benjamin Faircloth

The Naked Truth!
Sunday May, 21 2017


“Nakedness is coming to America! The hour of the whore is almost over. The time of revealing has come. I will expose this nation and her nakedness will be revealed!

There is no place to hide, no covering to be sought, but Me! I will reveal and I will heal but you must abide in Me!

The testing of My Church is coming, I will verify the virginity of My Bride. I will know if she has been true; for this is the hour of My Revelation, My Appearance, and My Habitation! As your nation burns, I will abide among My People, I will lead her through her deep and dark waters of peril. I will provide to those who call upon My Name and I will resist the rescue of the prideful and stout of heart!

I am coming say your Lord and God. In one hand a Sickle and the other a Sword; Harvest time and War time has come to your nation!

(The scripture refence for this message is Jeremiah 13)


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