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September 18, 2021

I am brother Alan ngoma ,the 31th of july is my birthday ,Honestly i really dont care about my birthday ,i was not in celebration ,on the previous day the 30th of july we had a night vigil in the church, in the morning when i went home i saw my child singing the birthday song for me,but in my spirit there was no interest in this celebration , i said in my heart ,last year i was in mission in the forest around the lake to evangelize the native ,i won souls in the mission field ,why am i spending time at home not in the field winning the lost,last year on this very day, i was in the front line winning soul ,i said lord i need a new orientation and a new direction for this year ,i need to work and win souls, I dont need to celebrate this so called birthday.

In the night when i went to bed ,it was between the 31 of july and the first of august,and i had a dream ,i want you brother to follow this carefully, i saw in this dream that i was praying,but a man was knocking on my door continuously, i interrupted the prayer, went to opened the door ,to my surprise i saw a tall and robust man dressed in resplendent white garment, he was radiating light,i could not see his face because of the brightness of his light,i said please can you bring down the light of your garment that is blinding my eyes, he replied to me, my garment is always shining with this brightness, however i can touch your eyes to enable you to bear the light of my glory, when he touch my eyes and i became able to bear his glory,he told me,i heard what you were saying in your heart,that you have no interest in your birthday celebration,you said if only you could have a clear direction,about what to do for my kingdom you will go out to win souls,since you are seeking direction,and since you have eyes to see and understanding, i have come to tell you about imminent and great event , that are about to happen in the world,quickly we got in my house,

He took seat before me and asked me to seat, when i took seat he asked me to open the TV , i said it’s not working it has a problem ,then he did a snap with his finger ,and the tv opened, he said watch the images broadcasted in television, and i will explain everything to you, when i look i saw on the tv a massive bank in glass, with a lot of stock of money ,he told me ,Alan, the bank you see in television means that in coming day people won’t use money note, for it will be withdrawn from circulation ,the whole world will be controlled by this bank, because a new way of transaction will be imposed upon the world population ,the first way will be the phone ,people will buy and sell only with their phone, you won’t buy stuff with money note, people will go to shopping with their phone ,it will become the only way,they will be no more money note, once the world get used to this system, then the second method will be imposed, this will be electronic chip implanted on people body ,, all transaction will be done through electronic ship implanted in people hand,everybody will be in the obligation of receiving the chip on their body, it will be mandatory law ,it will be difficult for my people that will not accept this law ,they will be chased and hunt down, the church will be persecuted because my people will reject this chip ,my people will be sent to jail ,they will be persecuted and they will suffer ,they will be hunted down and they will flee and they seek places ,to hide ,moreover they will no longer have the power to buy and sell anything to eat in shops and supermarkets, the electronic chip will be the only way to buy and sell, grave times are ahead ,and darks days are coming ,my church will be in unprecedented difficulty and you won’t know what to do, this is the first message i brought so that you warn my people, understand that the introduction of this microchip will happen before the rapture and before my imminent return, my people will be overwhelmed when these mandatory measures come to force, they will be corner and they will be stuck, they will be against the wall ,they will not have a normal life again ,they will be fleeing and hiding unable to buy food ,in this scenario , i will not be a spectator, i will order my angels to sound the trumpet ,and i will remove my church from the land to be with me, since these laws and measures are in preparation and about to come to force, tell my people to wake up, tell them to watch and pray, you will tell them, their saving that they are keeping in their bank will serve in nothing ,tell them that i want each one of them to invest in his respective village away from the big city , tell African that are in Europe and united states ,despite the fact that they live there in the west ,they must invest in their respective villages, not in big city and town , for the enemy will capture big city and town easily, those that live in big city will suffer the most ,it will be difficult for them

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