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The Meteor: Putting the Pieces Together – McKana

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The Meteor: Putting the Pieces Together

From the air
From the Atlantic ocean
From the East coast

March 26, 2024 4:01 PM

March 26, 2024

Isaiah 24:1, 3-4(KJV)
1. Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.
3 The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word.
4 The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish.

In an effort to give a stern warning and a better understanding of what is soon to come to pass, we have posted many, repeated messages. Even though, the messages are given peace by piece, here and there, we, who are diligently delivering and following the messages from the Lord, very well know the inevitabilities’.
What is given bellow is a message from three sisters giving us a good account of what the Lord gave them. One message confirming the other, as the big stone is seen from the air as the Lord “Throws” it, the active witnesses of the big Atlantic tsunami and the devastation it brings in the east coast. Three of the witness are giving us live account of seeing and being part of the destruction, taken over by the tsunami in the Atlantic and being chased by it from the east coast.

1. From the air-Emilie
2. From the Atlantic ocean.-Evelin
3. From the East coast.-Nancy from California.

With these three solid confirmations, the warning for the east coast, the west coast and the rest of the mainland is completed. Now, people have to know what to do before the destruction comes.

Here are the three messages from direct communications and scripts from what is posted for the public media. In the last message, California is included.
Thank you dear sisters for delivering the messages from the Lord.

“The Asteroid for Impact”
Emilie, March 25, 2024.

I just read the March 20, 2024 post from McKana regarding an Asteroid word that stated, “…message as spoken is “It is evident now that I AM throwing the big stone” and “Let them hear this and Repent”.
Following up with McKana as I saw God throwing that big stone in a vision I had in 2020!,
below is the vision I had:-

On Sept 21, 2020, I woke up suddenly at 5:21 AM. As I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, I saw a newspaper laying on a surface, but couldn’t read anything on it.

I heard God say to me, “Go to 4:50 on Barry Scarbrough’s video.” (Barry used to have a Christian Youtube channel). Then God’s fist slammed onto the newspaper with such a force, that I physically gasped and opened my eyes briefly. This is next what I saw in my vision:

I am out in space. All I can see around me are stars. I see God far off in the distance, white and shining. I couldn’t make out His face because He was so far away, but I knew He was very big. He had a round-burning astroid in His left hand. I knew that the astroid was as large as a mountain—it was round & burning with flames. It fit in God’s huge hand as though it was a small baseball and I thought, “Oh, our God is so big!”

God threw that burning astroid with such a force towards the earth, that I heard a loud whoosh as it flew past me even though it was quite a distance from me as it passed—moving so fast that it was quickly out of sight. It was now traveling to the earth at an enormous rate of speed! I knew in just the way God threw it, that He was very angry with the evilness of mankind.

Then He spoke to me again, telling me that I had to “get the part of Barry’s video, at the 4:50 part, out to people before the astroid hits the earth, before it will be too late.”
I didn’t know exactly how long it would take to reach the earth, but I knew we didn’t have much time.
~End of Vision~
I had no idea about which of Barry’s videos the Lord was talking about (he had 100’s) nor how to contact Barry, but was finally able to get a message and my vision to him through other people. He found an old video of his where at that time mark of 4:50, it was related to that asteroid. Barry then posted a new urgent video regarding all of this to his audience, and that we have little time to accept Jesus as our Savior.
Sadly, last year Barry’s channel was closed. But now, reading what McKana posted yesterday, I just had to send this message, because, yes, it’s true! I saw God throw that big stone! This is confirmation to both of us!
Thank you and God bless,

This Could HAPPEN At Any Moment
(The Atlantic Tsunami)
Eveline, March 26, 2024

Eveline is from Porto Rico(Script -Time points 1:42-6:55)
“I wanted to share also today the tsunami dreams that I’ve had. The most recent one was, I was in the ocean, in the middle of the ocean and all of the sudden I was floating in a mattress and I don’t understand why I was in a mattress. It just to me was like why am I floating in the middle of the ocean in a mattress but that’s where I was and I was with a handful of people and they were, I could only remember, I was towards the the one end of the mattress and on the other end what it felt like the front of the mattress was my aunt, one of my aunts that live in Puerto Rico.
So, she and I has something in common. We have gone through multiple cancer scares and we’ve been healed by the Lord and she was at the front of the mattress if you will and I was towards the back and as we were floating in the ocean.
This gigantic tsunami wave starts to rise and it’s like the amplification of a wave when it starts to grow and grow and get bigger and bigger bigger and we saw this wave and we’re like you know it it never ends. It was, it was like you could not see the end of that way and I will see a girl I’m like we we’re going to die. We’re going to die here because if when it runs over, we’re never going to escape. This like and but I it Amplified. You could see that it was like alive. The wave was alive and he was just like building up, building up for when it will run over, but it will not run over yet and I could feel myself I’m like how are we going to get away, get past this wave and make it to the other, you know the back side of the wave, not being in front of the wave and all of the sudden I fell towards the left of that wave there was like a an opening and it was like choppy Waters where I could feel the mattress like the water being just very rough but the mattress was keeping us afloat and I’m like but we never going to be able to move to the other, you know, behind the wave because we’re in the mattress but all of the sudden, the mattr starts moving and we’re moving towards the back of the wave and I could feel.
As soon as we will make it to the back of the wave, the wave was going to run over or it’s going to start going wherever it was going to run over and then I can feel the the mattress propelling and I’m like how is this happening? I’m like we who’s moving this mattress? I’m looking for a propeller but the mattress is making its way past the wave and as we come behind the wave the the ocean turns into a street of a like a small town and I would say it was night but there were like a small town with their little lamps and the lamps were on and what I remember clearly. It wasn’t dark , it was like kind of I would say Sunrise. It was like not completely, not not like midnight but it was like the beginning of the day and then what I remember clearly, there was the lamps were on and the street was like black glass and I remember like looking around and looking for people and there was nobody there but we were the first one there.
So. I’m I’m thinking that we escape the the wave and Believers will be the first one in this town. I’m, that’s why my spirit is feeling and discerning and what I felt. The wave was, the amplifying of the wave and the wave was kind of alive. You could see like the water turning in the middle of the wave, as the wave was amplifying and growing growing, growing. You could feel the wave alive and you can feel that it was building up wrath to me. The wave is the wrath of God and what is to come and nobody wants to be in the path of this wave”

This Could HAPPEN At Any Moment ! Its Time To GET READY.

I. California- under the sea

Nancy from California. March 15, 2024

God bless you Brothers and Sisters in Christ and welcome back to Cloud9 blessings. I hope that you are all having a very beautiful and blessed day in the Lord. I am Amber and I’m so happy that we could join each other again to experience more dreams and visions that have been emailed into the channel and in this video today we’re going to be looking at a submission from our dear sister in Christ Nancy. She wanted to share a dream about seeing tsunamis not only on the West coast but on the East Coast as well you have no idea brothers and sisters how many tsunami dreams that many brothers and sisters in Christ are having right now so let’s now take a look and see what our sister in Christ saw in her experience
“My name is Nancy. I’m from Southern California and I have two dreams to share with you. I actually had them a while ago I think back in 2009 and they are about tsunamis or one is for the west coast and one is for the East Coast.

I was going through a a time in my life where I was having a lot of spiritual dreams and then they stopped for a while and just recently now I’m starting to have them again.

The first dream I had was of The West Coast and I believe part of it was, maybe a personal message to me and my husband but so basically we used to live in Huntington Beach California, near PCH that’s Pacific Coast Highway and in my dream I was standing on the sidewalk on PCH looking out to the ocean in Huntington Beach and it was just a bright sunny day.

Lots of people and from there if you look straight out on a clear day. You can see Catalina Island and then all of a sudden my husband was with me in the dream. The next thing I know, we are both on the back of two giant eagles which is amazing to me like magnificent they were. He had an eagle and then I had an eagle and they were just huge and they were like brown kind of golden brown in color and their heads were kind of round golden and I knew that destruction was coming and they lifted us up so fast and I thought, oh good okay, they’re going to fly us Inland they’re going to fly us into land away from the ocean but in my dream I was really surprised because the eagle flew us out toward the ocean like over the water and I remember thinking in my dream what are they doing you know, why are they flying us toward the ocean where I believe danger was coming from and all of a sudden they landed on this huge black rock like just mountainous Rock which there are none like that you know, out in Huntington Beach, out in the ocean there but it was just this mountain of like a black rock with like a plateau and both of our Eagles landed on it and it turned around and we were looking back toward the shore and what I saw was, I believe it was so detailed, was the aftermath of something very destructive. I didn’t see a wave, I didn’t see a tsunami, all I saw was the aftermath of something. There was no land . It was like just a muddy chaotic mess. It was like as if the land was gone, like it sunk underneath the water and as far as my eye could see I could not see land, I just saw a Mucky muddy mess with I couldn’t see any buildings, nothing, it was all gone, gone, no people, no buildings. I remember seeing bits of like telephone poles floating as if they were toothpicks. It was like if you had a bathtub full of water and you smacked your hand down on the bathtub at the surface of the water and it just went wh wish wish Every Which Way. That’s what the water looked like but it was dirty, it was muddy and Mucky and everything was destroyed gone I can only assume that the land itself got sucked under, like into the ocean and it just rushed inward and so I believe now that’s probably why the Eagles flew us to this rock instead of going Inland because I couldn’t see land it was just the ocean rushing in and that was the end of the dream of the West Coast.

II. The Atlantic Tsunami

“The second dream that I had, I had it probably not too long after the first one, back around uh 2009 also I had a dream. This one was of a tsunami this one was strange to me because in the dream everything appeared backwards like like the oc backwards, like the ocean was on the wrong side. The sand was on the wrong side. There was a boardwalk. We really don’t have a boardwalk in, you know, the West Coast like in Huntington Beach. It was just everything seemed the opposite and then my husband kind of pointed out the way. I was describing things. This could be the East Coast and I thought that makes sense to me, you know. So I really had a strong feeling in my spirit that this was the East Coast.

So, it’s really early morning on the shore like the beach where we were. I had no idea where we were. I just knew it was like the beach somewhere on the East Coast. There’s a boardwalk with like wood, like slats of wood. If you look down you could see the ocean water, like go under it. So I don’t know where we were but I remember the atmosphere. I got the feeling it was very early morning, like really really peaceful and the the the air and the sky looked pink. I don’t know how else to describe it like just pink in color. I don’t know what the East Coast looks like early morning. I’ve never been there and so it’s very peaceful. There’s a few people on the beach on the boardwalk and I look down at the the slats of wood under our feet on some kind of boardwalk and the water is getting sucked out like it’s going towards the ocean. It’s all the water is disappearing it’s getting sucked out and I thought that’s weird and I look around and it’s still peaceful people are just doing their own thing, enjoying the early morning and then I look on the beach looking out toward the ocean, there is like this Shack it it looks like a maybe like a concession stand like a little oneman concession stand which is really odd. It was on the sand and it was facing us so instead of being the opening where the person would be selling their goods facing the ocean. It was facing the opposite like toward us.

So the ocean was behind the shack but it was like on the shore which was odd and there was a young man sitting in the shack and my husband and I were walking up to it, like to see what is this young man selling and the young man I don’t know how I knew this but his name was waen all I know is I knew in my spirit his name is Waken. He was kind of a Hispanic young man. He was kind of pudgy, he looked kind of sullen like I don’t know if he was bored or just this kind of out of it. You know, just sitting there staring bored. He had a hat on his head like a knit hat with like the ear flaps, like that you would wear in winter with the long string on either side., the hat was kind of colorful. I just thought that was weird and he just look like this kind of round pudgy bored Sullen looking young person just staring straight ahead and I thought okay and before I could look to see what he was selling, My eyes looked beyond his Shack and what I saw was a massive huge just tidal wave. This wave I remember in my spirit just taking a huge breath going oh my gosh, like my eyes became like eagle eyes. I don’t know how to describe it like they zoomed in really far away. It was far away like out out in the ocean but it was just so big even though it was far away. It was bigger than any wave I had ever seen and it was on its way to the shore I mean it was bigger than any building, any any skyscraper, anything like that. So, immediately, my husband and I, we start running. In the dream we’re running away from the shack and I remember turning back around and I start screaming Walken Walken you have to accept Jesus you need Jesus you need him, I mean you have to accept him because you’re going to die, you’re going to die. When I remember yelling this in my dream at him and he sat there with the same dumb look on his face just oblivious like he didn’t hear me, like he couldn’t care and we were running past the people.

Now, there was more people on the boardwalking on the beach and they were oblivious too. They weren’t running. They didn’t care. They didn’t see what was coming which I was amazed. They just kept carrying on like it was a beautiful day and that I woke up after that. That was the end of my dream
I told my husband my dream and he said you should look up what Walkin means and I thought oh that’s a good idea. I have no idea idea so I looked up the name Waken and it means established by God or God will judge and I was really surprised at the meaning of that name. So those are my two dreams, I believe one of the West Coast and one of the East Coast and. Even though I had them so long ago they are both still really really Vivid in my mind and all I can say is you need Jesus whoever hears this I just pray that you repent, we all need to repent and be clean before the Lord.


Repent, Repent, Repent!!

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