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The Message – Ruth Johnson

The Message

August 25, 2021 1:35 PM
Ruth Johnson

I asked the Lord for a message,
He said to me, what can I say?
I do not run out of Words,
But it would be absurd
To repeat Myself all day!
I said, O Lord! I pray!
O child, hear this,
And write it down,
You know destruction
Is coming around.
You have read My Book,
You know what this means.
Your people living now
Have never seen
What is coming soon.
I want to reach them all
With My Message of Hope.
O my child, I know not what to say,
It is the end of the rope.
This can mean two different things,
Either you are hanging by your neck,
Or being pulled up to safety.
What will it be?
The choice is up to thee!
Each and every one of you
Has to make a choice,
If you want to come with Me,
Or swing from a tree,
What will it be?
I have no idea why it would ever be
A difficult decision in the least!
Heaven with Me?
Hell with the beast?
Come on! How hard can it be?
My child, I do not know
Why they do not take Me seriously!
Simply take Me for granted,
Or do not think of Me at all!
Like I expect nothing from them
But for them to run amok,
Doing every sin they please!
Have not they read My Book?
It has been around for ages,
A world wide bestseller!
Do they not go through the pages
Searching for Me?
I Am the Saviour!
My Book holds all the answers
To the questions they are seeking!
They watch the news,
Which is just lies,
And never seem to realize
The answers lie with Me!
I have done everything I can,
Now I have to shake the land!
Who else can do that?
Only Me!
O child, pray they see,
And find their way to Me.
I do not want to lose anymore
Of My precious sheep!
Get ready,
Things are changing very soon,
I Am going to shake things up,
Rattle lots of cages,
And wake people up!
This will be a good thing,
You shall see!
Hold onto your horses
And stick with Me!
Yes, my Lord, thank You!
I will pray,
For people to wake up
When You shake up
The world,
And run to You on a rocket!
Yes, child, but not like the ones
The billionaires are sending
Up to My heavens,
I just have to turn those around
And send them back down,
And I have better things to do.
All-right, Lord, how about
Run to You like stampeding elephants?
That sounds better, child,
I Love elephants.
So do I, Lord! All-right, will do!
I Love you, child.
O Lord! I love You too!



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