“The manifestation of My judgement is very close” – Idalia C. Flores

Message from the Lord, received by Idalia C. Flores

Posted May 19, 2018

Received: May, 18, 2015

Write what I am going to say today:

The manifestation of My judgment is very close …
I have tasted the hearts, “plus some,” who think themselves superior to Me, have despised My word. I will say to you, “I will make them similar: to Queen Vashti,” when King Ahasuerus sent for her; He was not personally, nor did he send princes … But he sent eunuchs.

I call “the such” as Vasti; rebellious people with stiff necks, who resist My call and despise those whom I have sent.
Why do not you ask Me, so that I confirm my words?
Do they not understand that I am above all and above all?

/// For one who hears my voice, it is time to ask myself if what My watchmen announce, is My message.///
For he who has asked me, I the Lord his God have answered him and I can do the same with you, if you repent of the evil of your heart and seek My answer …

Because I will continue to confirm my truths and My Spirit will give conviction of it; More if you continue in your rebellion .. I will turn away from you, as you do with me … And you will know, not My mercy, but My wrath, says the Lord.

Queen Vasti, challenged the king by not attending his call. He took a disobedient and rebellious attitude … Being discarded and replaced by Esther …. Read in the bible, the book of Esther cap 1

Listen to the voice of God, to what God is warning and ordering through his envoys … Do not reject, asks the Lord … And you will not be discarded

The main responsibility will fall on the Ministers., We as a church or people are also responsible before the Lord … each one of us will appear before the court For this reason it is very important to prayerfully seek the guidance and answers of the Lord.
We have the guidance of the Word, and the Holy Spirit

Received: May, 18, 2015


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