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The “Man” on a White Horse

May 3, 2021 6:25 PM
Psalm 25:14(KJV)
The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.

As many of us do, I have seen the Lord many, many times and hear from Him always. He is a loving faithful God at the same time He is a good friend. He is slow to anger exceedingly merciful and His mercy endures forever.

Starting from my childhood and collage years, In a span of some 20 years, I saw three unforgettable visions. I kept what I saw for myself for two reasons. The first is, no one will believe what I tell and will call me “a dreamer” like day dreamer and the second is, the mystery was hidden from me, even after I grow up. Through the years, If not fully, partly, I understood what I saw.

Three visions which I kept deep to myself, wondering for a long time even now.

1. The white “Man” on a white horse

When I was a child 6-7 years old, I saw a human like figure, very white and pure sitting on a white horse. I saw the “Man” on the white horse, in the middle of a very green grassy field with a green forest around. The “Man” on the white horse is heading/facing towards the east. He turned his head back, around from his shoulder and looked at me. My heart was “touched” and changed, sad, happy, love etc. I am a child, what do I know? I didn’t know what I saw and told no one until the last few years. Very well realizing this is not normal, I kept it for myself wondering who He is. That was the Lord I saw when I was a little child. He got me right there and then. Ever since then, I see dreams, almost every day, some of them which came to pass.

2. A very sad sunset.

At the same age, I saw a sunset. It is not the usual sunset. It is a strange kind of sunset. The sun discerned down the horizon, gradually, letting me understand what I am seeing is not the usual, got dark, darker, very dark by the counts and disappeared. I thought the sun is gone forever, never to come back. I felt so sad, very deeply sad. I thought some one from our family is going to die. I didn’t know what I saw and didn’t tell no one until recently. That was the sign of the coming dark days, THE END OF TIMES.

3. The Sky full of Bright Stars.

It was in my second college years. I saw many countless very bright stars full of the sky. So many of them, bright and big. I saw every one of them in one majestic view. The stars were very close to Earth, the sky seems to have descended down, very close, just little above the mountains. I felt, I can touch them if I stretch may hands. I enjoyed what I saw. For a very long time, I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I saw except it is something holy and glorious. This is not a usual kind of stars and sky, it is a sign of the The Second coming of Jesus.

The three visions over the span of 20 years say, as I understood them:-

“1. I AM your Lord, 2. These are the end of days, 3. I AM coming soon with Power and Glory”



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