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The Mad Hatter! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Mad Hatter! – Benjamin Faircloth

September 30, 2018

“America deception has become the normal way of life for you, anything to ease the pain of your prophetic reality! You consume deception as the waters cover the seas. You have no desire to be awaken from your dream! A shaking is coming that will serve as My reminder, that I alone can save you, I alone can guide you, and I alone have created you! Soon the tables will turn and you will see who is behind your fall, a revelation of your enemy, the deceiver, satan himself, yet many will not believe! Madness has taken over your nation, wisdom cries out in the streets, yet few are willing to see, because it’s easier to lie in deceit, than it is to awaken to reality! America the final scene of your existence is on the horizon. The final act of your freedom arises! Soon you will taste the poison of poverty, as many nations that you have trampled on have tasted! Where will your help come from, when Lady Liberty is naked for all to see?!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 28)

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