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The lying Prince of Peace the counterfeit – Patti Young

The lying Prince of Peace the counterfeit

Sep 18, 2019 12:35 AM
Patti Young

Today in a vision, a tent like this appeared before me, only it was all white. And there was a person standing in the middle of the tent looking out from the doorway, but the figure was all black and dark. I couldn’t see his face, I knew by the Spirit, by reve
lation of the Lord, this tent was some type of catholic prayer place.

tonight, when I laid in bed, this tent came before me again, suddenly I saw the face of this figure who stepped forward out of the archway, the doorway of this Catholic prayer tent, and it was Obama, he had on a Jewish skull skullcap, and a white prayer shawl across his shoulders with blue lettering on it in Hebrew. I cannot tell you the shock of my face! He stepped out of the doorway to come out into the world. Jewish, Catholicism, the Pope, the Rabbi, the lying Prince of Peace the counterfeit

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  1. This is 100% truth!

  2. Trisha

    A while ago novel heard in Spirit the word ‘Obama’ so I checked it out on the Internet. Obama is 1/4 Jewish.


    And that he has been to the throne of Satan which used to be in pergamum but now in Germany 2 times. The throne of Satan is also called the throne of Zeus. Can’t find articles of it tho.

  3. ~terri

    Truth! No doubt at all who they all are!

  4. Karen Martin

    That rings very true I am a Canadian but I ‘ve always been a newshound since childhood At first I was all for him Obama then the I thought his words are very smooth I wonder if he in fact is the antichrist Its really looking that way And Jarred Kushner Trumps son in law his address is 666 5th avenue New York supposedly he paid way over market value for it so I think he may be playing a role in there He is involved in the peace treaty in Israel Beware when they say peace peace for sudden destruction will follow The Bible

  5. Karen Martin

    The New World order and One World Religion is here Stay courageous and strong I pray in Jesus Holy and mighty Name Amen

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