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THE LUKEWARM – Terri Hennessey



December 20, 2021 9:29 PM
Terri Hennessey

Dec 19, 2021

Daughter write My words,

Speak these words to the masses; share My heart with My children who have not made any time for Me. These children are lukewarm in their walk with Me; they say they believe; they claim to know Me but they spend no time in prayer, or in My word. Someone told them about Me; they liked the idea that they would have eternal life and so made a decision one day that they would believe in Jesus. But they have never pursued any kind of relationship with My Son, My Spirit or I AM. They think that just believing is enough to get them to Heaven, I say not so. I will spew them out of My mouth. They have no knowledge, no insight, no revelation of who I AM nor My expectations of them, because they do not seek Me. They care not for My will, nor do they desire to learn of Me. As I rapture My spotless and Holy Bride, they will be standing in horror and disbelief wondering why they were not removed into My safe haven; wondering why they will have to endure My tribulation. I say to you now, My uncaring and unconcerned believers, those of you who spend no time whatsoever seeking after Jesus or My truth, I will vomit you out; I will close the door and say depart from Me, I never knew you. You represent the 5 foolish virgins who waited for the Groom without having any oil in your lamps. My greatest advice for you in this hour, in this moment is repent, now. Repent and come, humble and contrite before Me and in all sincerity take this time left to you to make up for your arrogance. It is time. Now or never By Bride whom I do not know. Come, get to know Me now, for I long to know you and love you and want to take you home and out of harm’s way. The time to do this is now. Make up for lost time. Seek Me, read My word. Pray to your Father and I will hear you and I will come in and sup with you and will make your heart My dwelling. Come now. There is no more time. I AM coming for My Bride. Will you be one of them?
ABBA Father & Yahushua

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