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The Lord will be SHAKING his half sleeping church – Victoria Ang


The Lord will be SHAKING his half sleeping church

October 9, 2020 10:56 AM
Victoria Ang



Last night I had a dream where I was made known their was a FATHER ( represents God)that had THREE ( Holy Spirit)daughters. ( represents the church ) He loved them very much. But they had grown distant from him and HE wanted them to return back home with HIM.But HE was the only one that knew what each daughter needed to return home.

This FATHER had a mission for me. I was to go to each daughter and help them get back to their FATHERS house. I was to go to each place they lived. ONLY with this man ( God)telling me what I needed to do to help get them back home.And under HIS guidance.

Before I was to do this I had to go and change ( transformation ). I was led to a room where there was a FULL length RED GOWN that I had to put on first. ( represents being FULLY COVERED by the BLOOD OF JESUS). I put the gown on in the room. But noticed something lying on the floor in the corner. I picked it up and shook it . And saw it was an OVER SIZED MANS pajama top.Represents the HALF sleeping church ) I was just about to step out of the room when I woke up from the dream and heard”” FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS”!!

Interpretation :

The Lord will be SHAKING his half sleeping church. Using some of His faithful that are transformed operating under the guidance and direction of the Lord . COVERED FULLY under His protection .To help HIS CHURCH return back to the Lord ,fully.


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