The Lord just woke me up. He said, “WARN THEM” – Patti Young

Patti Young

The Lord just woke me up. He said, “WARN THEM”

June 4, 2018 1:00am

Warn them. Places of refuge, there are
many, but these are not all of me. My
Annointing is only upon the few. l have chosen the places of safety for only the few. All else will fail because my hand is not upon them. The few is for mine Elect, they know my voice, l alone lead them and l AM their Shepherd. All that is not of me will fail. Their crops shall fail, their water will be polluted, disease shall ravage all people throughout the land. You ask, how do you know which is mine, of me? Seek me with all of your heart, and l shall be found of you. I hide no good thing, no treasure from those whom l love. The oil and the flour shall never run dry in those have
established. You ask how can this be?
Because l alone am their supply. They
have sought me, my face alone and
have found me….now, nation shall rise against nation, warfare shall begin and not end, all shall now escalate for it is not on man’s timetable, but it is on mine and has been spoken shall no longer
hide my wrath nor My anger, woe unto nations and unto man, for who shall stop or come against my hand ofjudgement? Who can hide or escape from me in my mightiness? They shall all now mourn and cry out, for I have declared all these things written to be true. Now, every man shall give an account for all he has done against me and all he has spoken against my Son. Did l not give him a ransom for many, and man has rejected my gift of life? Now in utter horror shall mankind see my wrath and my anger, for few have inclined their ears to me and accepted my gift of Life offered for
them Woe unto many, for death shall
come upon them quickly, and these
shall soon all stand before me, and I
alone shall be their judge.


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