The Lord is tidying up with final touches – Victoria Ang

The Lord is tidying up with final touches

Victoria Ang


I was woken from a sound sleep to pray. I felt led to check my messages and found a post I was sent just seconds earlier . I do not know either people but God does. Here is what was sent that needed prayer

This is from Maurice Sklar::

I had a night vision/dream last night:

I was observing a meeting of military leaders with the “supreme leader” of the Iran regime. They were seated at a very large conference table that was curved like an oval shape on the sides and square at each end. On the far end was the head man who had a white beard and was wearing a white head wrap and a long dark brown robe. Flanking him on both sides were men dressed in military uniforms. They were speaking in their language, but somehow I understood the conversation.

In a nutshell, the leader said that Iran is in a crisis that is both from without and within. Within, he said, it was the rise of Christian revival in Iran. From without, it is economic. “The great satan”, as he called the United States, has nearly crippled our economy and is threatening our future. Then, he said, Allah had spoken to him to gather those in that room and tell them, “The time has now come to go to ‘war to end all wars’ and destroy the little Satan and to mortally wound the great Satan.” At first I didn’t understand what he meant, and then I realized this is referring to Israel and the US.

Everyone at the table then applauded and shouted together in unison “Our God is Great(er)! And Death to our eternal enemies!” The leader then continued and said. “The mahdi messiah is about to appear and we are to prepare his way! Even if Iran falls, we must destroy the Zionist regime! All is now prepared! We have the weapons to overwhelm them and wipe the little satan out and liberate the Middle East! Then they all stood except the leader and shouted over and over “Our God is Great(er)! Death to the infidels!”.

Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “Iran’s fanactical regime has plans now in place for a sudden all-out attack on Israel. They plan to use the element of surprise to launch a simultaneous missile attack from all sides against Israel. They believe it will overwhelm the IDF missile defenses by the sheer number of missiles from all sides. They have nuclear capability now, though it is limited, and has not been tested. Their military strategy is to knock out the missile defenses first, and then try to sneak in the atomic warheads in the deluge. They have now ten nuclear devices which are hidden among their arsenal, including one submarine. Tell my prayer warriors to take authority and intercede NOW that this evil plot will be stopped!”

Then, the dream ended.

Upon spending several hours in prayer I fell asleep briefly and was given a prophetic dream :::
By Victoria 11/29/19

I found myself with a vacuum cleaner in my hand. I looked down and there were a few crumbs left on the floor that I needed to vacuum up. Upon finishing I was made known that I needed to secure the lid with some washers and nuts that had been left off. But one of the washers rolled off the table and went under the table. My sister entered the room and I asked her if she could find the washer and hand it back to me so that I could secure the lid to the vacuum ( it was like a shop vac) … she handed me the washer and I applied the washer and nuts securely and the dream ended.

Interpretation :

The Lord is tidying up with final touches and bringing back the last of those that have gone astray. We need to batten down the hatches ( prepare for difficulty or crisis) as things are progressing in a rapid manner!


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