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The Lord is the Potter, We are the Clay

December 7, 2023 8:05 PM

December 7, 2023

Isaiah 64:8(KJV)

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.

Jeremiah 18:6(KJV)

O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.
God is good. The Lord our God gave us everything essential for life in plenty and for free. Can a person live one minute without breathing air? God gave us fresh air with composition in perfect balance of Oxygen, Nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc. for free.
Can a person live days without water? The Lord our God gave us plenty of water in the form of rain flowing to the lakes. the rivers, seas and oceans for free.
Can people live without sunlight and sunshine? Can life survive on this planet without the sun? The Lord shines the sun on day time and the moon at night, for the righteous and the sinner.
What would have happened, if the earth is a little closer to the sun or a little further away from the sun? The Lord our God has kept the earth in a “Habitable zone” which otherwise could have been uninhabitable due to extreme heat being closer to the sun or extreme cold for being a little further away from the sun.
What would have happened has the earth been stationary in one spot suspended with no pillar floating in space. The Lord perfected the solar system and the rotation and revolution of the earth around the sun for day and light and changes of seasons which otherwise could have ben either dark or light throughout the time of creation.
God creation everything created, in perfect balance, the ecosystem and the whole universe to make man deceptively think that nature operates independent of any higher force in disregard to the supreme authority of the creator over His creation.
There is much to wonder about God and the creation of God. You can ask, how do I see? How do I hear? How do I test? How do I smell? How do my cells, tissue, organs and systems function? What if, in my sleep, If forget breathing? How does my heart beat? How do I think? How do I store memory?
The good Lord created the whole universe for which we have to be thankful and praise the creator of everything created. The Lord is worthy of praise for everything He has done, dyeing for our sin on the cross. The time of praise is now. As it is written, praise the Lord, let everything which has breathe praise the Lord. Psalm 50.
The Lord is the potter, we are the pots. The Lord doesn’t only create corruptible carnal beings but recreate the corruptible to incorruptible in heaven and some, the chosen, to be seen here on earth with His glory.
The Lord gave me one wonderful vision. The vision is the Lord sitting as a potter and the pot being molded in front Him. Who is that “pot,” you might ask.
The Potter makes a silvery vessel
My Father said his name.
(Vision of May 10, 2022. 3:00AM)
Before I start with the vision, I have to give me and my carnal father a name, not our real names but for this vision.
My name is –”Junior”
The name of my Father is-”Senior.” My father passed away from old age over four decades earlier.
The name of the old professor is-”Berban” The rebellious professor passed away over three decades earlier.
In this vision, I see many people around to the left, many activities. I am focused in what is happening in front of me. I see a big being (The Lord) in front of me. I am seeing him from the back. In front of him is work being done. He is like a potter. In front of him, on a table, little lower than where he sits is a silver vessel being worked out. The vessel has parts, constructed parts. Half of the vessel is done. I can see the outside and the inside with other smaller compartment. The top half of the right side is being constructed, not complete. The top of the left side of the vessel is not complete, little is left, thinner, small gap is left.
While this is in progress, I see “professor Berban” to the right. This is a professor/collogue? from our college years. I understood he is divorced and he is running around like a child making some noise and he is gone. He didn’t make it to the Potter for the construction of new vessel. Lost soul.
Then, I see something to the left, between me and another person, which looks like the top of a flying saucer. The object is closer, between the two of us, to the left and little lower on the ground. I said to the person right in front of me “My name is ”Junior” mentioning my name. It is a little dim, I can’t see the face of the person in front of me clearly. I am about to say, my first and last name. After saying my first name, before I finish, the person in front of me came very close to my face, touching my forehead with his forehead and said loudly “Senior,” mentioning his name” I said my name, before I finish, he continues with his name.
Senior” is my father. Now, in heaven. He is young, almost young in his twenties. The way he mentioned his name is surprisingly fast and funny, like I am your father, how come you can’t recognize me?
Miracles will happen. This is almost the third time to see my father. Just last week, I was running in the field in front of my old father sitting on a chair and watching me and called on him to run with me which I finally shook his hand strongly but what I felt was the a soft hand of a young person which even felt softer.
People, even if they die old, are young in heaven. I have seen that many times.
I saw my old father in young age and he told me his name to let me know that he is a young person in heaven.
What is it about the vessel, the silver vessel in front of the potter. The potter is Jesus and the new vessel made is my Father, young and arrived for a visit by a flying machine. How wonderful.
  Repent, Repent, Repent!
                       The hour is too late !!!
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