The little girl all white – Rosa Ray

The little girl all white

Rosa Ray

4 weeks ago I had a flash like dream that I was walking in this dark cave and as I was walking I saw a golden light coming through the bottom of a door and it kept getting larger and brighter as the door was opening
Then my alarm went off and woke me up

This dream I had on 7-7-1920
Then 2 weeks later I had another short dream
Where I saw tables and tables everywhere filled with rotten food and all I could do was stare at it

I had this dream 7-9-2019
I was in this large field with green grass everywhere and people off at a distance but they had color to them as well. I could see red shirts and all different colors
But in the center of the field right in front of me was a little girl looked to be around 7 or 8 years old she had long white hair with a long white robe or dress on it came all the way to the ground and her hands were cupped around a cup she was facing the left and something was telling me she was facing west. Then she brought the cup up to her mouth and started drinking
Everything about the little girl was white and glowing

If anybody has an interpretation of these dreams. I’m listening


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