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The Lion and the Serpent – JeBryan J.

The Lion and the Serpent

March 17, 2020 11:10 PM
JeBryan J.

Last night in a time of prayer I saw a picture of a Lion, a great Lion standing in front of looked like multitudes of church’s that looked like homes instead of regular churches almost as if they were dotted all over on a hillside and valley in the middle of the night behind Him. There was darkness all around, yet there were lights in the homes. The Lion stood resolute almost as a sentry would stand guard at the city gate and as He did I a saw large serpent attempt to slither in to the attack the homes/churches but he didn’t even get past the Lion’s feet as the Lion bent down and swallowed the serpent in His mouth. Then I heard:

“As the serpent attempts to destroy and sow panic and fear in and amongst My true people I will stand guard and protect them. NO PLAGUE WILL TOUCH THEM FOR I AM WITH THEM…”

Amen. Stand fast my brothers and sister for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah fights for us…


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