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The Lead Fall Guy is Donald Trump. This Fall Shall be His Fall… – Holy Spirit Wind [Jeff Byerly]

The Lead Fall Guy is Donald Trump. This Fall Shall be His Fall…

October 10, 2020 3:24 PM
[Jeff Byerly]

Received 10-3 trough 10-10-2020

My children, all is not as it seems, even many of My chosen ones are not discerning the events of your world clearly or correctly. My judgments are upon the whole world right now, yet many believe it not. They long for the times that will never return again. This longing will lead many to the pit because they do not seek Me and My kingdom but their own. Many have allowed themselves to be polluted by worldly pursuits such as material wealth, prosperity and the gathering together of things that will burn. Until just a few months ago most in the western world had more worldly wealth than ever before but had little if any treasure stored in heaven, where it cannot be touched by the corruption of your world; rust, fire, flood, disaster or being stolen by thieves. Part of the enemy’s plan is to take away the things that he has lured men with by doing away with the current financial system. The wealth of many has already been taken away and made them dependent on hand outs from the world’s governments but these will run out. A complete and utter collapse is coming very soon.

Even now the events that you see the mainstream media outlets focusing on are building up to this event. Many of you feel like this is like watching a soap opera or a movie and this is not a coincidence. The worldly powers that be have written all of these dramatic plots and stories, that almost all have watched. But what most do not realize is that they are also the ones that control the perceived reality that most see in your physical world. They want you to believe the “good guys versus bad guys” scenario but they are all on the same side with the same agenda and goals. They are all of their father the devil, some know that they worship him but most do not. They worship him by doing his will, just as those who do My will worship Me. A bad seed will not produce a good tree and a good seed will not produce a bad tree. A bad tree will not produce good fruit and a good tree will not produce bad fruit. A fountain cannot bring forth both bitter and sweet water. Those who have My Holy Spirit inside them walk in My ways and those who have the spirit of antichrist walk in the ways of Satan.

My son, there are events that have happened over the years that very few saw coming and there are events that are soon coming that most will not foresee. Most do not pay attention to what My true voices hear from Me because they are not popular with men. They do not have big ministries with millions of followers or huge buildings and all of the things that the world considers successful. Almost 3 years ago I gave you a very clear message to give to My people about “the fall guys” (click here to read) and the plans that the enemy is bringing about to to install his “new world order” around the entire globe. I did not give you all of the details about this. I do not give anyone the entire plan of the enemy nor do I give anyone My entire end time plan. You will have to trust Me and walk by faith in My word by the power of My Spirit more now than ever before. Seek Me and do not be deceived by the crafty layers of lies that come from the enemy for I AM truth. The days ahead are dark but My light shall guide your path if you seek Me.

My children, I will now reveal a bit more about the enemy’s plan to you because the time is very soon to be upon you. I have told you before that the mighty naval aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln will be struck and draw America into a massive conflict. Many other naval ships will be struck as well and America’s dominance on the seas will be over. This will be a false flag attack. (This means the country this is reported to be the one attacking is not the true attacker) America will then retaliate and strike the country that was supposed to be the attacker of the ships.  Then the fiery kickoff event in New York City will occur, during which the tower that bears the name of Donald Trump will be struck and be in flames by an attack from within (another false flag attack) that will look like a nuclear weapon has been used. It will also be made to look like Donald Trump is slain but I have told you he is a fall guy. A fall guy simply plays a roll where they are made to look like they are having something terrible happen to them, like being harmed or even killed and it is no different on the stage that is this world.

The lead fall guy is Donald Trump. This fall shall be his fall which is yet another reason I have called him by that name. I have also called him Saul and Belshazzar because of similarities he has with them. He was selected by the worldly elite and exalted by men. I allowed him to be in the position that he is in to test the hearts of men and most have failed this test. Some have thought of him as their savior to bring back greatness but some even now think he is the AntiChrist. He is neither, he is an actor, a fall guy playing the role that he was given to play by those over him. He is and has been complicit with the master plan of the enemy. He has been controlled behind the scenes by the one who is coming back on the world stage, Barack Hussein Obama the final AntiChrist. Trump will be taken away and the dollar will collapse and then current world economic system will collapse as well because the American dollar has been in control of it. This collapse will result in the use of a digital worldwide currency which will be brought about by Obama and his mark. There will be famine, riots, chaos, martial law, civil war and death everywhere but especially in big cities. After Obama returns the most severe persecution My body has ever faced shall ensue. I shall protect My chosen, elect, 144000 for they shall help Me in the great harvest and the oil and the wine shall not be harmed.

The man-made pestilence called the corona-virus or covid-19 has been and will continue to be used. Many of you know that this has been much less deadly than the world leaders had planned but many of their goals were still accomplished in their “practice run”. The powers that be in your world have tried to keep the deception, lies and fear ongoing about this but more and more have been finding out the truth about it. The implementation of social distancing, the mandatory use of masks, the closing of businesses and schools have kept most fearful, which is exactly their goal. The world is even now going into what they call the “second wave” of this “pandemic”.

Many celebrities and world leaders have become and are becoming fall guys for the new world order of the enemy.   These fall guy’s supposed illnesses are to further their new world order plans and once again Donald Trump is front and center in this. By deceit and lies they make the people believe that they need the new treatments and/or deadly inoculations, which are poison meant to exterminate the pure race of Adam. This will not work exactly as they had hoped. They will, in urban areas, release more deadly plagues in order to get the response that they want, which is public fear and panic. They will say that covid-19 has mutated but it will be various pestilences including ebola and a hemorrhagic fever which is deadlier and more contagious than anything the world has seen.

My own are not to fear this for no plague shall come nigh their dwelling if I am their secret hiding place. But to those who do not know Me or trust Me, these plagues shall cause much more fear than ever before.They will be clamoring for and even demanding the deadly poisonous treatments and inoculations. This inoculation will contain the plagues of the fourth seal and they will spread rapidly throughout the earth. Then they will bring the answer, the promised cure of all cures, which will be the mark of the beast. Of course the mark of the beast will serve a number of purposes for the beast system. No one will be able to buy sell or trade in this beast system without this mark. I will protect and provide for My elect and they will have no need for this because they will not be part of the beast system. They will have to trust Me in all things like never before.

I will mark My own in their foreheads and the enemy will mark his on their foreheads or right hands. I transform everyone that is born of My Spirit and I live inside of them. The enemy is going to attempt to do this very same thing through the technology that is injected into each one that are his and part of his system. I communicate with all that are mine by the Spirit. The enemy will attempt to duplicate this through artificial inteligence and alien/fallen angel technology of the fifth, sixth and seventh generations used together with his mark. He wants to know every thought of men and he wants to control them. I know every thought, I see it all but I give each one free will to choose which master they will be with for eternity.

The timing of all this has been set by Me. As I’ve told you before you will see  signs and the sun in the moon and the stars and many of these pertain to the destroyer of nations, even the sign of the coming of the Son of man. Very shortly you will see signs from it that no one will expect. This is to cause men to see what time they are in and many will be in fear. My children, who have been watching and praying, will not be in fear when you see this. Then you will know that everything that I have told you is the truth and that the time of the great anointing and then the transformation is nigh at hand. The evil ones know that great destruction that they cannot stop is on its way to the earth and they have prepared but they will fail and be destroyed because I am not with them. My children, I have told you to prepare and I tell you again, prepare with food, water, shelter and other earthly essentials with the little  time you have left as you are led by My Spirit. I am with you always! You are at the end of the age and you will know Me even more intimately than ever before if you seek Me with ALL of your heart. Repent and be converted, that your sins be washed away by My blood so that you may see Me when the times of refreshing shall come and My Spirit shall completely and utterly infuse you and change you into who you were meant to be since the beginning.


Your Savior and the lover of your soul,

Jesus The Christ

Yahshua Ha Mashiach

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