THE LAST OIL SQUEEZED to the LAST REMNANT (part 1) – Marlene Setiyadi

I am Marlene Setiyadi from the Fellowship Prayer Group of Solomon’s Porch who regulary Read and Study the 444 Prophecy news for the last two years and are very much into END TIMES MESSAGES. The Lord has spoken to us several times through our prayer group – The Anointing OIL – Solomon’s Porch , but this time He would like us to share this with you( as one of the several prophets He said who spread the Prophecies that Are From Him) to be given quickly to the REMNANTS in Preparation for His Coming , especially those who are commissioned to Open Gates in Israel). We have done this for the whole year of 2018 in Indonesia, as we are an Indonesian Prayer Group.

Please bring this into prayer and ask the Lord for Confirmation, and the Spread the WORD:

Received from the Lord in the morning date 7.4.2019
Solomon’s PORCH.

‘To MY remnant : “ I have chosen you in this LAST Oil SQUEEZED ( of the Olive) that You SHOULD START moving.

(Author: there are several World Prayer Team/Fellowships that had been formed in different parts of the world, carrying out prayers and teaching THE END TIME )

Today for you The Lord Has Called you to Act and Prepare … … Do not refuse THE CALL.

“Do not move on your own way , but I will give you the instructions , for I your Lord, loves My Remnant who loves listening to the end times …Now, You all should come out of your hiding places … ….

Leave all your world affairs behind … Because when you do what I command You ,all of your family Affairs , your finances, your welfare, your health I shall take care of, for I Am Responsible!

Follow the path step by step you have been going with me. …. These are evidence of your love to me …. Keys to the Gates Are Already Opened … You had opened them in the year 2018 … When the gates have been opened , please Enter and Go ,and preach the people My END OF DAYS”

“You have to move fast … because the evil one is Lurking tightly….
Prepare your Armor, wear my Arms … Learn to Fight Fiercely …. I’ve already equipped you with My weapons of which you have already used when you often do not realize it. WAKE UP .!! … Move. … All are within My Supervisions … ….

Please informed also My People who have Faithfully conveyed My Messages wherever they are. … Let’s UNITE For THIS TEAM To STEP In FAITH … … IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH. … to prepare and to Support each other on My apppointed days. You all are moving forward in the land of Israel For the opening of the Keys and Gates … … … …. Connect Within One Heart Of My Remnant … …

“For you all are My Remnant who Will CONVERGE with One HEART, To SUSTAIN, to attack, within My Count SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM ALL DIRECTIONS (World).
These attacks within the United heart of My Remnants from all corners Will create a huge Blast to the evil one.

When the man of Prayer Team up in Israel. … There will be ONE ( 1) command, yes it is MY COMMAND from all over , United hearts in prayer and warfare.

ALL OF MY REMNANT … It’s NOW time to ACT! You no longer Walk alone again, … … Connect with NEW power! CONNECT WITH THE HEART!

Come out of hiding you all … … … … ….
It’s time FOR ALL MY REMNANT TO SHINE AND LUMINOUS … … … …. Open up all The Revelations I have given you….. EVERYONE who has been My Vessels to PROCLAIM the My Mysteries … All and all people.

They all need to get out for a unified heart..
This is a golden opportunity to break down and destroy the evil ones..
Don’t hide again My Remnant … In the seconds that you have to raise your praise to me … the shofars are to be blown … the words of the WORD must be out declared at the same time … simultaneously …

Prepare … prepare …

Like you are to prepare a great wedding …
Prepare with as best as you can. I Give you time to prepare .
Do All what I have Asked you to do….

It is a fragrant incense before Me and My Father …

Bring the whole family before the Altar … Because full protection will be bestowed for all the family when you are at War…

It’s about time … My Remnant ,stating that you are the Conqueror.The conqueror at the end of the end Times! Defeat the enemies with the power of prayer . The War fare prayers that I have taught you all during this time.
Don’t let the enemy move faster than My remnants !!!

Declare My power , oh My people who I love …
My army are not entangled with world affairs……keep going … don’t look back …
I’ll keep communing with you … My soldiers fight to prepare for the end … Today and tomorrow we can no longer relax… all must work hard for getting started … because you are all My Remnant whom Iam using supremely
Be focus … focus .. … focus!!!

There is no word of tiredness in Me … The Holy Spirit will help you in the days ahead of Preparation. …
Open the eyes of your heart … Open your mind … your mind … cleanse your soul from all dross …
Receive the HOLY SPIRIT to enter and work in your fullness …
Don’t mumble murmuring … make peace with yourself … Please forgive the people who have hurt your heart … bless them all with the blessing of My Mercy .
Implement My order this with humility and sincerity of heart, your heart for Me . .. your reward is great in heaven … ❤ ❤ ❤
( to be continued)

It is in my Understanding also the Lord has confirmed that to be called the BRIDE of CHRIST( in White Golden Robe that covers the Covenant – Mercy Seat) that one must know its Covering , which comprise of the Four Faces of the Cherubs with , 4 GOSPELS : MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN. Thus one must master its details and its Mysteries of the 4 gospels.

We look forward to hearing from you with regards to His Message and
Please kindly Advise,
Marlene Setiyadi

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