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The last and glorious Pentecost – Minny

Photo taken @ New Hope Church, Abilene, TX by Jonathan
Artist of painting unknown

The last and glorious Pentecost

August 3, 2020 8:32 AM

Hi my name is MINNY from SA. I would like to share a dream that I had this morning at 04:17am(Monday 3 Aug) :

We were in the streets preaching with believers that I know but don’t fellowship with. The lady that was preaching said we should tell the people about their sins because Jesus is coming soon. Then she Asked “should I go ahead and tell them their sins?” We said yes!

While she was preaching I heard rumblings in the sky and saw shooting stars in the sky! I was so excited I was jumping thinking it was maybe the rapture. Then I saw flames after the flames I saw a big dove with outstretched wings and the shooting stars surrounded and came close to the dove in a circular shape. these stars were beautiful colors lighting the sky around the dove. What a spectacle.!!!

Then I understood in the dream that it was the Outpouring of the Spirit upon the last church. I’ve seen many dreams Before but I have never been soooooooo excited IN A dream. When Iwoke up my heart was beating fast and I was still excited And I jumped in bed and threw my hands to the heavens and my Morning was filled with unusual Joy! I’m sharing because it belongs To the church and I hope to kindle this hope and joy that I feel!


The last and glorious Pentecost will fall on those who Are in the upper room waiting in the Lord’s will.the body of Christ will Be united no denominations!!! we will be united And single minded.the saints will be drawn closer the HolySpirit and light the earth in the dark days. we will be filled with the power and anointing to conquer the world!!!

Amens and shalom!


Acts 2:1 TO 4 “when the day of Pentecost came ,all the believers  were gathered together in one place SUDDENLY THERE WAS A NOISE IN THE SKY WHICH SOUNDED LIKE A STRONG WIND  BLOWING and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then They saw what looked like tongues of fire which spread out and touched each person there.they were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk with other languages, as the Spirit gave Them utterance”

Joel 2:28 TO 29afterwards I will pour out my Spirit on everyone:your  sons And daughters will proclaim my message ; your old people will  have Dreams and your young people Will see visions.At that time I  willpour out my Spirit even on servants,both MEN AND WOMEN.”


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