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The landscape literally appeared to be charred – Marty Breeden

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The landscape literally appeared to be charred

April 5, 2024 6:10 AM
Marty Breeden

My friends, I’m not sure this has ever happened before….
But for the second night in a row, I’ve had a foreboding and troubling dream!

Dream April 5. 2024:

Last night, I was standing in the field of my childhood home.
I was with my wife and my brother.
There seemed to be a STRONG sense of “Something is about to happen”!

Suddenly it seemed that the skies grew dark…
And I looked up in the skies and I begin to see U.S. Military Nuclear Bombers flying overhead!

Instinctively I knew that they were carrying a full “payload” of Nuclear weapons.
I said to my family:

It seemed that I begin to see a vast array of Bombers and Fighter Jets.

I saw the B52 Bomber, The B1 Lancer Bomber, and I saw something I haven’t seen before and cannot identify it, but it was white, unmanned and appeared to be without wings… but it was SUPER FAST!!

It was then that I knew we needed to get to safety….
We fled the open fields and headed for shelter….

I recall that we all looked at our phones and there was even a strange message on the screen, but they were absolutely worthless!
As I ran through my neighborhood, I begin to notice that there were houses on fire…
The landscape literally appeared to be “charred”.

Some of my relatives house were GONE!….
Once again I saw panic and chaos and the people appeared to be in SHOCK as what had taken place.

I recall that even in the midst of all this chaos and destruction, I had a deep peace within me because I knew that all these things were foretold and that God was in control!!….

I awoke!…….

(My friends, I believe that prayers can change things!
Biblical prophecy CANNOT be changed because God has foretold it and it WILL COME TO PASS EXACTLY as prophesied…
However, personal prophetic dreams ,I believe ARE NOT “Written in stone”….so I would advise to pray about this!)

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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