The Kingdoms have been divided – Nameless

The Kingdoms have been divided

April 4, 2020 1:18 PM

“The Kingdoms have been divided, a line has been drawn in the sand. Those shall walk by faith or by fear and only the few shall stand. Do you hear the trumpet sound and the people have bowed down in fear to the idol being irrected in the presence of men and idol build to take away the times and the laws and to lead the many into captivity.

Have I not called you to be strong and courageous, for is it not I the Lord the goes before you? Shall you be found standing in faith to walk through the fires with me?

Does not my word say the just shall walk by faith? I have set before you an open door and to walk through it. Are you following me? This is where I am going I am leaving this kingdom of man behind and leading my sheep into the wilderness places with me.

As in the days of the great exodus I’m leading my people to follow me. To leave it all behind them, to not look back and to follow me into the wilderness where I shall nourish them for times time and half a time by my hand alone. Is not the end and the deliverance of my people as the deliverance of my people that were slaves in Egypt?

Did I not take care of my own for 40 year in the desert? What can I not do? Do you believe I AM the Lord? Do you believe I’m the God of Moses? Do you believe I’m the God according to my book of my revelations and every word shall be done?

Awake oh sleep! recompense comes and I come as judgment against the wicked and reward to the righteous, to those who follow me to safety. I know how to keep my own, for only when my judgment is in the earth will people learn my righteousness and repentance may be upon their lips.

Do not mock my words, do not be as the scoffers in the streets saying where is my coming? Look up, look around death is all around you, the cup of inquiry has overflown into the land and the wages of sin is death.

Come away, come away with me and hear my voice of truth unto. Do not harden your hearts this day for all this world is fading quickly and those who do the will of my Father shall have everlasting light and life.

Seek not the things of this world, forsake it all and follow me. Heed my warning unto you the hour is late and a thick darkness has fallen upon the minds and the hearts of men. Wickedness is being conceived and birthed into the land, men bent on destruction and it is I that allows and disallows all but their end will correspond to their deeds.

I set before you an open door that no man can shut, walk through it, move forwards by faith, there is no other way to walk with me.”


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