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THE KEY! (Rhema Word) – 278pikelk

Published on Apr 24, 2014


My daughter tell my children how much I love them this morning and forever. Tell them my arms are open and I am waiting for all of them who will accept my free gift of salvation. The key free gift, but the key must fit into the lock. The lock is one’s heart. A person’s heart must receive and accept the key. They key is free and offered to all. But many refuse the key and they keep searching in the wrong places for what they think will fill the space in their heart. They find themselves wrapped up in the world searching for me, but they will not find me in the world. They even try to satisfy and fill their heart by worshiping other gods. But they will never be able to fill the hole in their hearts until they find, accept and receive the love of their creator. For I made each person to love. People ask “What kind of creator makes His people suffer so?” Remember children. Mankind made his choice in the garden. This world is not my world. It has fallen from my perfected state and my children by default walk in its fallen state. This is true. But the children that have accepted me by accepting the key have found the answer. When people ask you “why would such a loving God and Creator let a tragedy happen?” Tell me “The darkness that rules your earth let it happen.” Explain to them that their creator and Father created them to love them. That perfect state that they were in originally was lost when evil wormed its way into my perfection. Starting as a worm and infiltrating my entire creation. When people ask you “What kind of God would let immense human suffering come upon His children?” Explain this to them: Mankind that continues to walk in the evil and corruption that was set forth by the dragon himself has a choice. Receive me and accept me as their salvation. As their teacher. As their comforter or continue on in this fallen world, in a fallen state and await the consequences. I am a God of Love. I created each individual’s heart differently. My agape love is the only thing that if missing from their life they will continue to search for forever. Without my love they will never feel satisfied or at peace. And there will always be a hole. A deep and gnawing emptiness. When man asks you, “What kind of God lets his children suffer and die?” Let the man know the answer. Nothing a person cans suffer in this time on this earth is even at all comparable to an eternal damnation in hell where my love will never ever fill the empty hole in the hearts of my creation. If it takes tragedy, pain, destruction, chaos, confusion. Whatever bad I allow I allow in the great hope my creation will look up and call upon their Father. For as many hearts that do not accept my key will be breaking my heart in eternity. That is a very long forever. Nothing in hell will be as awful as the eternal knowledge that the hole in one’s heart will never be filled.

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  1. Ruth

    Amen! “…He has put *eternity in their hearts . . .” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

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