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the judgment seat of God

March 29, 2020 6:14 AM
Jessica Smith

Several years ago I had a dream of the judgment seat of God. The dream forever changed me.

I was watching some so-called “prophet” on TV. He said the Lord told him that His Bride was filthy & most Christians would go to hell. I believed him, because some “signs & wonders” had manifested when he preached. I thought to myself, “well if most of the church was going to hell, then I must be one of the doomed because I was FAR from perfect & struggled so much in life. I thought “What else can be done to save us??”. My heart broke for the church & I began weeping uncontrollably.

I told Jesus, “I may have to spend eternity in Hell, but while I am on this Earth I will lay at your feet and cling to You in love. I laid myself prostrate & imagined myself at the feet of Jesus and continued to weep & weep & weep, because I would be forever separated from the One I loved and this hurt me more the the terror of the everlasting flames.


At that very moment I suddenly fell into a deep sleep & immediately entered a dream-vision.

I was standing before the Judgment seat of God Almighty. Court was in session and I was the one being judged.

The Almighty God was the Judge of all things in Heaven and on Earth. My case was before Him and He would be making a decision. I was all alone as I stood there before His colossal judgment seat.


I already knew I was guilty, but to make matters WORSE, Satan suddenly appeared and stood at a short distance from me. He pointed a long evil finger at me and pointed at all my filthy sins. He drew God’s attention to my sins. He accused me before the Father.


I looked down at my body to see what the devil was pointing to, and saw that I was actually wearing my sins like clothes.

Every sin I ever committed was exposed in open shame upon my body… written on me like garments. I was clad in my sins and I was wearing them like filthy rags. I was filthy before the righteous and holy God of all Creation.


I was devastated and in anguish of heart knowing my judgment which I deserved. In truth, the devil didn’t even have to lie in order to get me condemned. All he had to do was point at my sins which were listed on my body. Just one of those sins was enough to condemn me for all eternity and separate me forever from God. And here I was covered all over with my own filthy sins. I knew there was no hope for me…


BUT THEN SUDDENLY, JESUS CHRIST APPEARED & stood between me and the Accuser and He spoke to God His Father the Judge on my behalf.

Jesus said to His Father, “She is covered in MY blood, therefore NO accusation can stick to her or come against her!”

I looked down at myself again and instead of seeing my sins I saw the blood of Jesus.

I was suddenly covered all over in the wet, liquid, red, shed blood of Jesus Christ, which He had already shed on the Cross. I could not see my sins, because they were beneath the shed blood of Jesus Christ, hidden forever. I was saved.


Then the devil got mad & desperate & started throwing accusations at me. They came out of his long POINTING FINGER, but now they hit the BLOOD OF JESUS and fell to the ground at my feet.

He was defeated by the blood of the Lamb.


When the Father/Judge looked at me, He no longer saw my sin, but the shed blood of His beloved Son covering me. He saw the Blood of the Lamb, thus His judgement passed over me. The Father slammed down His gavel and declared loudly, “THIS CASE WAS CLOSED AT THE CROSS!!” Then He threw out my case!

The LORD saw that this case was ALREADY CLOSED and had been closed at the CROSS. The price for my justification and freedom had already been paid by the shed blood of Jesus. I was justified by the blood of the Lamb. He saved me from eternal Hell.

I woke feeling like I was born again AGAIN.

~ Jessica Smith

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