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The judgements of GOD are sweeping the nations – Margaret Blake

The judgements of GOD are sweeping the nations

Feb 15, 2020, 8:20 PM
Margaret Blake

I received this word today, February 15th, 2020. Earlier this week I read of the burial and graveside ceremony of the more than 2400 aborted baby remains that had been found on the property of a now deceased abortionist doctor. Today I read a news report that hundreds of aborted babies had been found in a septic tank in Indonesia. This week I agonized over the number of children who had been abducted just in this week alone. Some were found safe; numerous were rescued from the clutches of child sex traffickers and one was murdered. And this is only those I know of. There are countless others. “GOD!” I cried out. “Help us! What can we do to save these children and babies?” Then today the Lord spoke the following word in my spirit as I was reading Steve Holmes, “Judgement Hammer and Horses” word from the Lord posted today in 444 Prophecy News.

Margaret Blake

The judgements of GOD are sweeping the nations. The blood of the innocent cries out to be heard. And GOD has heard. And we, the people of GOD must be on our knees and repent not only for our sins and the sins of our households and nations, but also for the sins of our ancestors and the whole world throughout all time. The Lord said that there are many unrepented sins of peoples and nations that are of the past which have created bridges of condemnation and avenues of sin into our lives that must be destroyed. But their destruction is only accomplished when the righteous lay claim to these sins and repent of them on behalf of our households, ancestors and our nations; as well as others and their nations.

Because man has become a global being with extensive movement worldwide, the seeds of sin have been scattered abroad. And now, since the advent of the internet, the sins of mankind have taken on a more vile and prolific form. The Lord says the corrupted use of the internet provides only a vague look into the dark realm of spirit. The reality is much more frightening and evil. But as children of the Light we can and must take a stand against this evil. We can also stand in the gap for others and their nations and call for mercy. GOD is merciful. This world will not be saved; but GOD desires that no one perish. Repentance is the only way. The Blood of Jesus is powerful to save, but only those who are the true sons and daughters of GOD, born of His Son JESUS, can apply the Blood of the Lamb. We are the keepers on earth of all that is sacred. GOD bless us and keep us as we do His will. GOD! help us to safeguard the babies and children and all who are vulnerable.

In the name of Jesus. Shalom.

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  1. trumpet of the Lord

    I wrote this down 2 days ago and since then read it again and again when my eyes see it

    Psalms9:12When he maketh inquisition for blood, he remembereth them: he forgetteth not the cry of the humble.

    O what a wicked generation we are!! YHWH we honor Your name and confess we have sinned greatly before You! Please have mercy with us, make it a door if Hope now in Your great great mercy, through the Blood of Yeshua!

    YAHs blessings for you all

  2. JLMichaels

    Margaret Blake

    Back in the day of Randel Terry, I became swept up into this movement to destroy all abortion clinics, as I was the bi-product of an old fashion abortion myself. My twin brother died in my arms during this process. Illegal as it was back then, 1949, it was not unknown an a common practice. All it took was money, to pay off the necessary local officials so no record would be established.

    My personal efforts in this regards ended with a Saul experience, being struck by our Lord and God, stating that this battle was HIS alone and that my personal efforts would result in eternal damnation, the Lake of Fire. While in the service, I was trained as a seek and destroy specialist in enemy territory and was most effective. These abortion clinics would be a cake walk as they all had a supply of natural gas and oxygen, the very means needed to make there destruction most complete.

    I was initially stunned by our Lord and God’s actions to prevent me from going forward with my personal plans and designs. After all, it was to avenge my twin brothers death and the likes of all other innocent lives being lost as well. Never being able to see the light of day in this present world, let alone learn and know of an about our Lord and God.

    In making this short, it was later revealed to me that our Lord and God is keeping a most perfect account of these affairs. All parties involve in such affairs will be called to account. In regards to these innocent lives, they will be given a second chance at life. The Kingdom of Heaven upon this earth is made up of the likes as these present day aborted. They will be the off-spring/children born during this 1000 year reign of Christ Jesus.

    Not that we should careless about such affairs, but mindful, that our Lord and God is always most fair, just and proper, at all times.

  3. Margaret Blake

    JL Michaels

    Thank you for sharing what is obviously quite personal and meaningful to you. As I didn’t know much about Randall Terry, I read his profile on wikipedia. Hmm….

    I find this part of your commentary very interesting….. “In regards to these innocent lives, they will be given a second chance at life. The Kingdom of Heaven upon this earth is made up of the likes as these present day aborted. They will be the off-spring/children born during this 1000 year reign of Christ Jesus.”

    Did you receive this word from the Lord? Jesus was very specific about children; and babies too will receive GOD’s utmost care and reception into the Kingdom of Heaven.

    In these days the Lord has impressed upon me to stand in intercessory prayer for the needs of others as He directs me. Sometimes He will give me a word, a prayer, a vision or a dream to share with others. But mostly He shows me a need and has me pray on the spot concerning it.

    And I agree with your last paragraph. Thank you.

    Oh yes, I am most pleased that the Lord stayed your hand at taking matters into your own hands and going the way that seemed right to you at the time. GOD knows how to keep us from our own destruction and harming others. Good that you could hear him and take heed.

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