The internet will soon go down – Victoria Ang

The internet will soon go down

April 27, 2020 3:36 PM
Victoria Ang



In this dream I was standing outside of this unknown house, at the door. A unknown lady came to the door and she let me inside. Her husband was there as well ,lurking around in the background. I sensed a great evilness with both the people. I saw a large dish on the table that had several fetus in the dish. They still appeared alive but being kept so by artificial means. As I looked at one of the fetus the facial part seemed to look in agony and all of a sudden the fetus started to urinate like a high pressured hose. The lady seemed to be very watchful of me trying to distract me so I wouldn’t notice the dish.

I went to take my phone out to make a call to warn police. The phone was an old style phone with receiver and mouthpiece separate. But the lady ripped the phone from my hands and tossed it to the dogs to rip apart. I tried to grab the phone but the receiver was disconnected from the mouthpiece part.

The scene changed and I found myself on a narrow path that went to the beach. I was made known I was going there to get to the beach ,to see the sun ( son) and the water ( living water of the Holy Spirit) at the beach.

As I was on my way to the water a dark man in a hood (represents evil) was coming up the stairs from a dark tunnel near me. I clutched my purse because I knew he wanted to steal from me. He came towards me then along side to steal from me but couldn’t ,and tried to pass me but wasn’t able to pass .More hooded men were coming. I hurried to get to the beach to be near the sun ( son ) Jesus Christ)and water.( Living water of the Holy Spirit …. Bible)


Much evil is going on behind closed doors. The Lord is revealing and exposing those very things. Fetuses are being kept alive by artificial means and being used as experiments by evil individuals. Tortured and tormented. Gods judgement on these people is soon to be poured out.

The internet will soon be destroyed and go down. As much more evil is coming up from hidden places and trying to overtake Gods children but cannot as we stay close to JESUS CHRIST AND READ AND CLAIM HIS WORD!

Second dream from last night :

In this dream I found myself purchasing a large industrial size diesel tank like the kind that is used to fill up gas stations. I picked it out and was getting it ready to leave. It was getting filled with fuel for the trip and the dream ended.

Interpretation :

This dream is showing the closeness of departure (not for all) and the power behind what is to occur. (This will be for the transformation )


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