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The Innocent And The Faithful Go First

November 24, 2020 4:06:12 AM
Brother Case

Here is a Word that I had received in the summer.

“The Innocent and The Faithful go first”

July 19, 2020

God has been speaking to me recently on a difficult topic but one that He desires to bring clarity to. It’s the soon homecoming of many of the innocents and His saints. This may include those in our own personal lives that we know and love. God is very merciful and it’s becoming more and more clear with the fervency, urgency and magnitude of the prophetic warnings that unprecedented times are upon us. Times that will bring much chaos, pain, suffering and loss of life. That being said for many of the innocent and His faithful, He is going to spare them of such atrocities and take them home before these things happen. When this happens, He has been emphasizing that we must understand the bigger picture, to not: get offended, get bitter or to quit. We must not allow these things to take us out or slow us down. The Lord will give us grace to grieve quickly and deeply but then let go and rejoice that our friends, family and loved ones are with Him and that they are found worthy to escape the things to come.

With this in mind, God has also emphasized the importance of valuing, honoring and cherishing those in our lives while they are all here. To take time to be in the moment and consider what they mean to us and to earnestly pray for them. He is saying that now is the time to be willing to make amends, to be humble, to be vulnerable and to be honest in our expression of love and feelings for one another. It is time to forgive and to allow Him to bring about closure, healing and restoration. Yes, we are in challenging times and a season of great transitions but God is doing a glorious work in His people and for that we can be hopeful. Let’s all pray for one another to finish our race well and not be offended when such events take place. May God bless and keep you and your house forever with Him.

“Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” – Luke 21:36

“The righteous person perishes, and no one takes it to heart; the faithful are taken away early, but no one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil that is to come.” – Isaiah 57:1


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