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“The Imminent Fall of the United States of America!” – Linda Newkirk

Linda Newkirk

October 24, 2008

“The Imminent Fall of the United States of America!”

Oh Rise, Oh blessed and cherished daughter of Mine, My blessed daughter of Zion! Arise and stand up once more, My beloved child, to speak of My judgements, to speak of My warnings, that the blood of the people of this nation, be not upon your hands! For, over and over again, I have called you, and I have sent you, and you have piped for Me! You have piped My messages! But, on reading, they hear not! On seeing, they see not! But, even so, My Little One, the wolf is at the door! The walls of defense have been torn down! The high tower is deserted and the mouths of my watchmen have all but gone silent!

Blind sheep! Blind shepherds! And, all now facing a fierce, blinding wind of ripping and cutting sand! A fierce storm blowing in! A tidal wave of destruction at hand! Rivers of tears upon this nation! A howling as none have ever seen! A great howling indeed! For, the ravenous wolves meet in secret, seeking how they will devour this land, whom they shall devour and whom they shall carry off!

Cities of America, soon many cities, but ruinous heaps, deserted wastelands! Burned! Charred! Dissolved and clean removed! With vacuous hollows in the earth only remaining! Gone, the great skyscrapers, and millions upon millions of souls, their bodies melted in the debris! Coyotes, rooting for bones and withered skins! Ravens, pouring over the ruinous heaps! The stench of the burning of the cities filling the land!

Oh, you blind and deaf nation of America! How, you have perverted My word! How you have despised My warnings! How you have deserted Me in all of your affairs! How you have trusted blindly in the arm of the flesh! And, how greatly you have put your faith in lying, satanic leaders and in lying and filthy preachers of the word! And, how you have sold Me out for but a tinker’s toy of this world!

Gross, gross immorality! Gross sins of the flesh! Gross worship of many idols and strange gods! Yes, this is so; and early, I have awakened My prophets and I have sent them out early in the day to warn you, to warn you to repent, or perish in the coming troubled times! I have kept them up late, warning My prophets! And, I have given them many dreams and many visions for many years, of the great destruction, which awaits America if you will not repent! And, many have run among you and they have warned you, for I have sent them!

But, you as a nation, would not hear! For, you love the world and what is in it; and My very words through the mouths of My prophets, my words and warnings offended you!

Oh, you wicked generation! Oh, how your sins have piled up on you! Mountains of sins and few, oh so few of you caring at all!

Now, oh rebellions nation of America, you hour is upon you! Your hour of great destruction! Your hour of great economic woes! Your hour of a great military assaults against you, from which you will never recover!

Yes, hear My words, oh you rebellious nation of America! America is about to fall! I am sending a grievous war upon you! Out of the North shall come a mighty army! Missiles shall rain down upon your cities! A burning, a great burning of your nation, of your cities shall be seen all over the world!

Your sons and daughters shall be carried away as slaves! The wicked shall fill up their death camps with your families. A great howling shall go up all over this land and even the heathen shall say, “Look what their God did to them!”

Yes, America shall be utterly broken! Clean broken down! No more shall the merry laughter fill this land! No more! For, great shall be your sorrow! Great shall be your weeping!

But, even so I will not utterly desert you! If, even then, you will humble yourselves before Me, and if you will repent sufficiently of your sins, I will send My Son! And, he and he, alone, will drive the foreign armies out of your land!

And, I will stretch out My hand to you as a parent would to a long-lost child! And, I will cuddle you as an infant! I will embrace you and comfort you again! My miracles will run in your midst and all of the world will know that I am still Your God!

But, even so, your great judgement is at hand! For, no longer can I tolerate your gross rebellion, your worship of idols, your love of the world, and your love of a lie! I am not in this! You have routed me out of this nation! Few, and I mean few truly love Me, and truly serve Me! And, at hand now and oh so soon is your hour of destruction!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of October, 2008,

Linda Newkirk


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