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The Identity Dream – Solitary Man

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The Identity Dream

April 5, 2024 12:08 PM
Solitary Man


I had a dream last night. I was travelling out in the country. It looked like a flood was covering the land as far as I could see. You could see the water moving rather violently in wave after wave. The waves weren’t very high, but they were moving fast, and coming in one after the other.

As I started to move through the water, I was not getting wet. It seemed as if either the water was an illusion, or a safe path was being made through the flood.

I then found myself in a place where there were crates of weapons. The crates contained lever action rifles, some single barrel, some double. I remember that I desired to grab one of these weapons. However, the man in charge of them, was Trump! (Note that I have never had a dream about him before).

He told me to go and pick out a nice weapon for myself, as soon as I showed him some ID. The first one I showed him seemed to have a slight mistake on either my name and/or address. While Trump appeared to be satisfied with what I showed him, I wanted to find another piece of ID that would have totally accurate information on it.

I started to go through my wallet, but I found that it was increasingly difficult to rifle through the contents, and to find and pull out my various pieces of identification. In fact, I don’t think I ever found any other piece of ID that I was searching for. It felt like I was moving through molasses. While I know that I could of went and grabbed a gun of my choice, and also that Trump was sort of half watching me, somehow it felt important that I produced an ID that had accurate information. I sensed that the weapons were gradually disappearing, and I was tempted to just stop searching and go and grab something before it was all gone, but I chose not to. Then I woke up.

I believe that the waves represented the tribulations that are right in front of us. They seem to cover all the land, no matter which direction we look. The waves were coming in violently, and with increasing frequency. Yet the waves were still not very high, representing that fact that this is not yet quite the end, and there will be much worse to come at a later time.

I chose to walk through these troubled waters. This represents the step of faith we all must choose, walking through what appears to be very dangerous waters. A way will be made for those who choose to walk, and they will be supernaturally protected from the tempest.

I ended up in a place of equipping for battle. I saw the shiny new weapons, all ready to be picked up and used. In the dream it seemed that these were the same kind of rifles that were used during the civil war in America. Perhaps this represents a hint of what is to come to our lands, and also the fact that what appears to be new weapons for the church are simply old weapons that were once used by the church to great effect during times of great distress and discord. Perhaps weapons such as the revelation of God’s ways in judgment, great intercession via weeping and mourning, or whatever else that is of sound doctrine that the Laodicean generation has discarded and must rediscover.

I saw Trump, who I felt represented leadership, and who was the owner of these weapons. Perhaps in this dream (but certainly not in real life, I must stress!), he represented out leader in heaven, Jesus our Lord. While Jesus knows those who are his (as he was willing to let me take up a weapon when I showed him my first ID), yet I was unsure of myself, almost as if I was not confident as to who I was in Christ. I tried to provide further proof of who I was, only to find myself moving slower and slower, and knowing that my opportunity to use a new weapon was slipping away, as there were others who were methodically grabbing up all the guns while I still struggled with trying to find more ID.

The fact that I kept trying to prove who I was, when the Lord had already accepted me, represents how our unbelief hinders us from doing God’s will. God calls us, and makes provision for us to fight in his army, yet we are not confident that we can be used of him. Our sinfulness and imperfections make us doubt our fitness for the battle. We think God can’t possibly be calling me into battle, unless I become more holy or more sinless. Then perhaps he really will accept me. As we try to prove that our identity is that of a true follower of Jesus, it feels like we are moving through molasses. That is satan himself being given a door into our lives to hinder us because we simply won’t believe that Jesus has made us worthy to fight.

A lot of us are being called into God’s end time army, and are being asked to pick up new weapons. While Jesus may know who we are, and is confident in whom he has chosen, we are struggling with believing that God actually wants to use us, so we keep trying to find proof of who we really are in Christ. Yet I sensed that Trump (aka Jesus) was patiently waiting and watching us trying to prove who we were, not rejecting us, but at the same time calling others who were willing to pick up the new weapons.

If we keep on doubting and looking for endless confirmations, we may find ourselves in a place where Jesus has to go and call others to pick up the weapons of warfare, because time is short. If we don’t realize who we are in Christ, and believe what God is saying to us, then others may be chosen ahead of us to fulfill the tasks that God originally called us to do.

Let us not keep fumbling about, trying to prove who we are in Christ, ever hesitant to step out in our personal calling. Let us pick up the weapons that God wants to entrust to us, even if they are new and unfamiliar. Let us not simply look at all the fearful floods all around us, but let us choose to walk through them, trusting that our Lord will keep us dry. Remember the flood might just be an illusion, a fantasy of fear that has been woven by the evil one, or it may be real. Wither way, Jesus still calls us to walk toward him, right through the flood.

In conclusion, I ask that the saints pray about this dream, and let Jesus speak to you personally, to see if anything in it applies to you. I must stress again that my impression in this dream was that Trump simply represented the idea of leadership, of a commander in chief. In no way is he a literal savior. Yet there may be some other insights as far as the person of Trump, and the struggle with ID in this dream, that I will leave to others to meditate over. I have never dreamt of Trump before, nor do I know why the Lord chose to use him as a representative of Christ for the purposes of this dream. Jesus could of appeared himself. Yet we all know that God loves to use symbols in dreams and visions from him, so who am I to question why the dream went the way it did? I simply share what I have dreamt, and the interpretation that I believe the Lord has given me.

May the Lord richly bless you and grant you the boldness to walk in your calling.

Solitary Man

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