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MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
The Hour of Visitation

My little one,

The days are come when men shall cry out to Me for the things of horror that will take place on their doorsteps, on their porches, within their own homes. These have not hearkened unto My voice nor the words carried by those who wait upon Me night and day.

Indeed, the lull of a perceived peace and the deceptive sense of safety shall be their downfall, for they trusted not in Me nor gave Me glory, but My name shall be great. It now comes upon these shores; sleeper cells awaken, and what few have ever thought would truly happen now arrives with a great crashing.

It truly is the beginning, yet the end of what they’ve known. With a crash and a boom and explosions of mass proportions shall many be stunned. I take no pleasure in it, but no longer do I delay, lest many more perish in the way. They have heaped to their own heads destruction; now shall they experience it.

Weep no more, little ones, for I have heard your cries. The Day of Reckoning is at hand. By this will I be glorified and My precious own vindicated. Weep no more, for what has come upon these shores is excruciating and terrifying, yet shall they know I am the Lord and beside Me there is no other.

O taste and see that I am good, My faithful who’ve withstood the test of time and trial. Now shall you know the goodness of your God. Prepare to be taken as the moment, the twinkling of an eye is upon us. Every eye shall see and know that I Am.

My little ones, it is your Father’s pleasure to give to you the Kingdom. Come and see that which I’ve prepared all along. Come, My children, blessed are you. Now shall the meek inherit the earth.

Woe to they without, for they have not imagined what is come; the time of desolation here.

Come, My beloveds and speak with Me as I usher you into the Kingdom. Your time of rest is come.

The Father then instructed me to share His words from July 8, 2017.

My daughter,

Know that the days are here when all I’ve spoken arrives on the scene. Indeed it is here, yet have they a blind eye so they cannot see. Even the pleadings of My messengers, the prophets have done little good, for they would not open their ear.

Now have the days come when all they ignored comes upon them at once. As a woman in labor, whose pains come suddenly and quickly, so shall this people be. Awake, O people, awake, for judment is already at the doors. Time has grown late, but you knew it not.

Now, glowing in the darkness shall My lamps be, but woe to they who still refuse My hand in judgment. There is a people who hearkened unto and diligently sought Me; they will light the way before you. But woe to you who choose to sit in darkness, for the end of that is sheer destruction.

That which raised itself up against Me, I now bring down with a mighty fall. Yes, and those who extended their hands to uphold it shall experience the same. For the day of My wrath is come, and who can stand?

I offer you a way, by humbling yourselves before Me to pray and seek My face. Turn from your wicked ways so that I may hear you. It is a choice… yours. Now what will you do?

My faithful ones shall shine and rise up in victory. Let it be known that it is the time, the hour of visitation, says the Lord, Yahuah of Hosts.

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