“The hour of the red dragon is NOW” – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

AUGUST 20 2018

I know many of you my loves are longing and weary. Many of you are heavy in heart as the darkness and evil increases so to does the persecution and mockery you receive and endure for my namesake. Many weep behind closed doors and offer up prayers for your lost loved ones and for a nation…a generation that has turned their back on me. Beloveds I hear your prayers. I have collected your tears. I have listened and I have answered. The hour of my visitation is now. The hour of my GLORY is now. I will NEVER fail or disappoint you. For all who partake of my sufferings in full..shall partake in my GLORY in full. I share my heart with you and ALL I AM is yours. I AM in you…I AM for you…I have overcome and thus so have you. The hour of my judgment is NOW. The hour of the red dragon is NOW. As satan is cast down to the earth. The battle rages in heaven. Satan is wroth. The earth has but tasted a sip of his fury. In the twinkling of an eye the earth shall mourn and lament from the full effects thereof. NEVER will I leave or forsake you. I have prepared a place that where I AM you may be also. I AM faithful. I AM TRUE. I have sealed my faithful and chosen in my blood. Sealed with my Holy spirit and held in my love. I have lifted many up to me. I offer and plead all to come. My arms and heart are open. Many refuse me. The god of this world has blinded you. I weep for the deception is high in this last hour. As I AM risen so to is the beast. I was hated and regected while the beast will be loved and accepted. Even now it has happened. Many are asleep. Many are in sin. You think that the way you live is pleasing and acceptable to me…I tell you the TRUTH it is NOT. Many do NOT know holiness and these are the ones I desire to show mercy to. I desire to show mercy to souls whom have tasted nothing but darkness and sorrow to no fault of their own. I AM close to the broken hearted and a contrite spirit I do not despise. I AM among you generation. I never sleep nor slumber. I AM stayed on you. I AM GRIEVED by that in which I see and hear. The increase in affliction shall increase as I lift the veil. As I reveal myself all of hell will rage in defeat and in an instant I shall destroy the beast with tbe brightness of my coming. Fear NOT. I have satan in my reigns. And it is I alone who accomplish my will. What is thought evil will be used for my GLORY. I desire love…peace and joy for man. I ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will. I have purposed good for you. Not evil. I AM so sad and angry at those whom knowingly harm my flock…my wrath abides on you. REPENT I HAVE SAID. I SAY IT AGAIN IN MERCY TO A DEAF EAR. Why do you sell what is not for sale? Why do you profit on that which I freely gave? You seek to fatten your wallets off my shed blood? While my flock starves? I hold you fully accountable. All whom have harmed my little ones I will reckon. The blood is NEVER shed in vain. You are deceived generation. Your modern way of life has dug your grave. You need a RESURRECTION. And it is coming. Death…RESURRECTION…
eternal life. America rejected me. How I desire and will all men to know TRUTH AND YOU WILL. You will mourn as one mourns for an only son. For the hour of revelation is NOW. Great pain. Great joy. When American soil reveals what is buried deep with in it…man and the earth alike will mourn. The nation whom shouted in angry disgust and rejection of me shall wail as grown men beat their breast in the barren street in sorrow. I AM SAD AMERICA. AND IN AN INSTANT YOU ARE UNPREPARED FOR YOU SHALL KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHY. Behold the hour has come when I drop the reigns of the dragon. The great shaking….the great fire…the great wake. I AM HOLY. WITHOUT HOLINESS NO MAN SHALL SEE ME. I have compassion and mercy for you are vastly deceived. WOE…WOE…WOE…FOR BABYLON HAS FALLEN. The king has laid down his deceptive crown. The staff of bread has broken and the glass shatters. Rejoice be at peace for YOU SHALL SEE MY FACE… THE HOUR IS NOW. ARE YOU READY TO SEE ME AS I TRULY AM? BEHOLD THE FACE OF YOUR GOD. YOUR LORD…YOUR SAVOIR…LOOK UPIN THE ONE WHOM YOU PIERCED…LOOK UPON THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE. WITH LOVING KINDNESS I HAVE DRAWN YOU. Yea my table is prepared. My harvest is gathered…Wheat in my barn. Tares in the fire. REAP. COME NOW ENTER IN…I HAVE LONGED FOR THEE.

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