The Hour Of Revelation Is Here, YOU MUST DRAW INTO ME NOW – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

August 16 2018

Rejoice I say…rejoice all who love me and long to be in presence forever more. Rejoice I say again. For the hour of revelation is here. Much will occur in this last hour simultaneously in the spirit realm and in the physical. Man and earth alike will undergo transformation. As I lift the veil and reveal that which has been veiled. Dark clouds shall blanket the earth giving way to my glorious light. I AM for you…in you and with you. The man of sin..he who is called perdition shall be revealed in this final hour…Many of you …my loves I have revealed this to. This is the hour when darkness reigns. I will not strive with man forever. You MUST decide NOW which house you serve. As the lukewarm are vomited out of my mouth. This will cause a great uproar in the spirit and on the earth. As I finalize the separation of sheep and goats. In this hour many more will away from me. Seduced by deceptive speech and led astray by the hook of flesh. To the slaughter many shall go. There is great fire coming. I WARN YOU ONCE MORE. YOU MUST DRAW INTO ME NOW. For I AM the only ark of refuge you have.TURN TO ME ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND BE SAVED FOR I AM GOD ALONE AND THERE IS NO OTHER..I AM LORD. I AM SAVOIR. You generation are vastly deceived. The acceptance of sin and want for evil has dug your grave. I COMMAND MEN TO WALK UPRIGHT IN THE EARTH…BE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY. WITHOUT HOLINESS NO MAN SHALL SEE (ME) GOD. I AM hurt. I AM angry. I AM NOT without compassion and mercy. I desire to heal and restore all men. I desire to raise you up in all my glory. I desire you come to me. I CRY OUT. I CRY OUT. RETURN UNTO ME STIFF NECKED GENERATION. My tears stream. You have been deceived of me. You lack true knowledge of me. I will recompense all whom have knowingly harmed my flock and led them astray. I will show mercy to the lost. My blood was not shed in vain. My suffering is immense still and I shall reap a great harvest and the souls in which I purchased with my life…my cross. I desire to fill my garden to bountiful beauty once again. I AM COMING. I WILL AVENGE. I WILL RESTORE. Many will perish in this hour as I call many up to me. Be not heavy in heart. For the hour of fulfilment is here. You have been hurt by the fall of creation. Sin has left a crimson stain and much sorrow. Wether you see that or not. I SAY SO. I DO NOT SEE AS YOU SEE. I DO NOT THINK AS YOU THINK. I will heal you. I AM BROKEN IN THIS LAST HOUR…ONCE AGAIN POURED OUT. You are healed by my stripes. My lashes of love. Of life. Of pain…of healing. I open my door to you. I have heard your prayers and collected your tears. I have those whom I count worthy to escape all these things coming upon the earth and to stand before me the son of man. I will hold all accountable whom carry on in sin and defiance. You shall be cast into the fire. And with much affliction shall you be refined. You would not harken unto me. You would not move. You did not lift your head. Your sorrow will be great. I shall meet many of you in desolation. Hold fast my little flock for the hour of unveiling is now. The unraveling of the scroll. Woe. Woe. Woe. I have sealed my flock. My table is prepared. My spirit is poured out. Drink. Those who mock now..I warn you…you shall gnash your teeth in anguish as you wail. I AM just. I AM not mocked. My blood is for all. I suffered and continue to do so in my love. All who are wothout shall receive an unending abundance from my hand. Those whom have obeyed…your reward is great. Those whom have sacrificed… joy shall overtake you. The blood cries out to me. The earth mourns. I AM moved. There is a way that seems rifht to man but in the end it leads to death. I AM the RESURRECTION…I AM the WAY..the TRUTH and the LIFE. I will not leave you empty. You shall be filled to overflowing. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. For zion trembles as Judah roars. The pillars collapse into a ruinous heap..Abomination… Desolation…vindication. Behold I come quickly…I know many of you my loves are weary. Deliverance…the final stage of birth…life.
Jesus Christ

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