THE HOUR OF MY COMING – Brother Dan (Godshealer7)

Brother Dan (Godshealer7)


Published on Aug 9, 2015

Does not the Light of day awaken thee from thy slumber. Be thy master of thy own destiny. The heart of truth reveals the inner man. Be vigilant for thee hour of my coming nears. The signs of my return surround thee. The fig tree withers from the lack of my life giving water. The wind roars with with the wave of my hand. Shall justice not give hope to the righteous? The earth trembles as the lion roars. The sky shall become black as the mountains erupt in fire. The merciful Father shall judge all men’s evil deeds. Those who’s hearts remain black shall see the light of day. Sorrow shall greet those who’s hearts remain evil. The wicked rest unaware that their judgment nears. Shall I not punish them for they have evil in their heart. My sword shall taste their blood and they shall witness the power of the Lord. Amen.

The earth trembles as the LION roars…The skies shall become black as the mountains erupt in fire… Matthew 24 King James Bibles… THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIS T… Sept 24, 2015 Announcing the Coming od the Glorious Kingdom and His Majesty… The day of the Lord is at Hand


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