The hour is very late – Alex Gravenberch


The hour is very late

October 3, 2020 4:46 AM
Alex Gravenberch

Hi there,
I have never done anything like this before but I received a message from Yahuah Elohim on the 1st of August this year. I was prompted in my spirit today to release it on your website. Or for you to have a look over and pray over it.

In love,
Brother Alex


My Beloved son,

You have come already so far. I want you to look back at your journey and acknowledge how much you have experienced and how I have used these experiences to purify and strengthen you like a precious gem. Nothing you have ever gone through has ever been in vain.

It has all led up to this moment in time. The time of the revealing. The revealing of My true children. My first-fruits.

Listen to Me in every single way and never let go of My hand. The tide is now coming in and if you are not standing firmly on Me, you will be swept away in the current. My Power and Spirit is about to descend upon you and the rest of your brothers and sisters.
But you have to be prepared and awake to receive it all times.

Do not be caught off guard!!

Life as a pauper is over. Rejoice and be glad for I have overcome the world and I AM coming. The whole world will tremble and shake, but My Own will cry tears of joy and dance as they witness this come to pass.

The time is at hand. The hour is very late.

Keep seeking My Face and keep doing good.

Do not fall into deception and let My Ruach guide you so that you will always know what to do.

It is time My love.

Are you ready?

I love you all so much. Bring My sheep to Me.

Your Bridegroom and King,
Prince of Peace

Kind regards,

Alex Gravenberch


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