The hour is extremely late – Victoria Ang

The hour is extremely late

Victoria Ang


In the dream I found myself walking down the street. EVERYTHING was very dark and it was very deserted ( shows the lateness of the hour). But as I continued down the street I passed by a side walk bar that ONLY two people where still sitting outside this bar cafe. I walked up to the two men sitting there and started telling them about the Lord. After a short time they decided to put their drinks down and follow along with me. I continued down the street a short way and saw a woman laying on the ground. All curled up. I was not sure if she was still alive so I ran over to try and help her. I helped her get to her feet( helping those in need, even those almost left for dead in Christ )and had her lean on me so I could help get her to a hospital so she could be taken care of properly. I hailed a bus down and helped her into the bus all the while she had a hard time even standing so I had to partially hold her up. In the mean time the men just followed behind. We All got into the bus and I told the bus driver to please drive us to the hospital. We got to the hospital and I helped the woman into the ER and go into one of the rooms to be taken care of and tended to see what was wrong. Mean time the men sat in the waiting room. I walked over to a chair to try and sit down but was very weak myself after helping the woman. An unknown man ( God ) came over to me and started a hep lock in my arm but the hep lock was capped and the man just held onto the end of the hep lock (a hep lock is an entrance into a vein that is used for IV fluids but can be capped off and used to hook up an IV when needed)….. after the man ( God) held the hep lock for awhile I started to regain my strength and was able to sit for awhile. As I sat waiting the lady that I came in with ,seemed to be a bit stronger and came out of the room. She needed to be weighed to keep getting treated ( A weight on a person is needed at times to determine correct doses of meds) I helped her onto the scale as she was still weak . But as I looked to see her weight I saw the words USA on the scale. And next to the scale was an intercom. I picked up the intercom to speak and at first it was loud but grew weaker to hear . She went back to the treatment room. All the while the men sat in the waiting room. I knew I had somewhere else to go so I got back on a bus and looked at my arm
(still having the hep lock in my arm) all the while. And once on the bus which was pretty empty. I proceeded on my way and the dream ended.

Here is the meaning of the dream:

The Lord wants to give every person a last minute chance to come into his kingdom. Even at the last minutes . The hour is extremely late but he can still work on those in HIS HOSPITAL with a willing heart. We must continue to try and witness and share Gods love with others and try and help them to get saved. The USA is in the weight and balances of the Lord and our prayers make a difference on the outcome. ( there are certain things that cannot be changed but lessened) . The intercom represents continuing on shouting the warnings of the Lord and NOT grow silent due to weariness . And the hep lock shows the Lord will SUPERNATURALLY infuse us with HIS STRENGTH to keep pressing forward to fulfill the plans and purpose and destiny he has for our lives!!!………

The Lord also brought back to my remembrance of a young black man of 18 years old I took care of in the ICU while working as an RN . He was dying of HIV. I sat at his bed side and shared Gods love with him and prayed for him. In doing so tears started to stream down his face and he said to me” No one has ever shown me that kind of love”! …. I did not know what that young man had been through in his life but God did . And by sharing Gods love made the difference for his life between heaven and hell. When I came back for another 12 hour shift that same day the young man had died. But I know that he entered heaven! Because of a willingness on ones behalf to share Gods love! All glory and honor to God! We just need to be willing to do Gods work! ….

Please stay in prayer, be WILLING to share Gods love!!This journey in life is not about ourselves but helping others! God bless


Isaiah 40:31 King James Version (KJV)

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.


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