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The hour has come

May 21, 2021
Krystal Beall

The hour has come my faithful redeemed of the earth. The enemy is wroth. Wroth. Rejoice I say unto you. Rejoice. Look up. Faith. Not sight. The hour of redemption. The hour of revelation. The hour of fulfilment. The end of all things hath come. Rejoice. I have called all men to repent. I have called all men back to me. I have stood before thee upon a hill outstretched upon a tree, yea the cross. Lifted above the earth, have I drawn all men to me. With love, Outstretched arms, Pierced have I called and gathered thee. Yea, I have loved you with an everlasting love, with kindness have I drawn thee. Joy to all whom have heard. Listened. Answered. Great is your reward my little flock. All things have changed. All things new. I have answered your prayers for your lost loved ones. My ways are higher. My thoughts higher. Heaven my throne. The earth my footstool. I have restored thee oh man in whom I bled out for under the crushing weight of affliction. I AM he who bore the sin of a man in my body upon the tree, yea the cross. I am he who for my own sake have blotted out thy transgressions and thy sins I have remembered no more. Bore. Satisfied. Justified. It is finished. Garments of praise. Crown of life. Beauty for ashes.Fear not. Do not doubt. Believe. My GLORY revealed. My life poured out for all men. For the thirsty. For the broken and the lame. For all whom thirst as I…. Drink. Eat and be satisfied. My people shall never be ashamed. The darkness increases. Great DARKNESS. As was before ….is now….yet greater and shall be no more. The hour has come when the dead in me shall hear my voice and shall rise unto life eternal. I AM the way. I AM the truth. I AM the life. I AM that I AM. I AM JESUS. Fields of gold. Fields of GLORY. A Holy people upon Holy ground. My mountain of GLORY. No more shall my people be afraid. No more shall ye weep and stumble as blind men in the darkness. No more shall ye learn war. No more death. No more crying. No more. Enough. All things new. There shall be a blast. A flash of my light. A flood of water. Of life. A cry of pain turned life. To all whom cry out to me to be with me where I AM rejoice for the hour has come. Rise up and enter into the joy of thy LORD. Enter into the place I have prepared for all whom love me. Rise up soul unto life. The voice of thy GOD has awakened thee and has brought you up out of the pit. Enter into my gates with thanksgiving and my courts with praise. Be thankful unto me…and bless my name. I AM JESUS. I have overcome the world. Thus have you. Wedding joy and the resurrection of all things. I will look upon the travail of my soul and be satisfied. It is finished. I AM. A great shaking….A stone rolled away. Arise. Enter in. Wedding joy.


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