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The horses are riding and the seals have been opened – Sue Piccini

The horses are riding and the seals have been opened

March 5, 2020
Sue Piccini

God led me to Zechariah 1 and was showing Me what He did in this time of history, will happen again.

“The Earth has become a stench in My nostrils and I am not going to allow this evil to continue to grow while My Children, My Bride are upon the Earth. Therefore, I will come to collect My Bride so that she will not have to witness the destruction that is about to happen to those who have refused My Gift of Eternal Life.”

Listen for My voice and the sound of the Rams Horn, as I Am sends out His mighty Angels to collect His Bride. There will only be remnant who will come, but they will be safely Home with Me.”

“The horses are riding and the seals have been opened, even part of the 6th seal is open and much disaster is coming upon the peoples of the Earth. This will continue and all will feel the Wrath of My Anger upon them. Beware! For the Great Tribulation is about to begin. Your fate has been sealed as you have made your choice to stand against Me, peoples of the Earth. The Earth will have much destruction, but I will restore it and come to dwell with My Children once again.”

“There will soon be a restoration of My People Israel and I will come to this place and make My Home among My People.”

“My Prophets and My Watchers have been Faithful and have warned you many, many times of all these things and you have not heard my warnings through them, you Stubborn and Stiff necked people, so now you will pay the price for your stubbornness.”

Yeshua has Spoken!!!

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