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The Holy Plumbline – Susan Elizabeth

The Holy Plumbline

March 25, 2020
Susan Elizabeth

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I AM I’m establishing the holy plumb line within my people in this hour and the Holy Spirit saying it is after the establishment and through the establishment of this holy plumb line is people come into the order as they come into order and stand as the army my armies come and stand under the authority that I have established in my word and and they come underneath this authority they will then begin to form the joel army and the army that’s spoken of that i says that we will not break rank lord and goodness whose presence is so strong so in this hour he is establishing that holy plumb line and as his people come into full obedience and consecration that is going to be the clear conduit opened up for the glory of god outpouring of this final out point


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  1. Olly

    That word is amazing like all other words God spoke about his army which he is calling out NOW or in this hour. The thing is, one hour for God is longer than my whole lifetime. His hour never seems to end and his promises never come to pass. It’s so frustrating when you wait on God’s promises which are NOW or in this hour and you wait and wait and wait in such great agony, at the end of yourself, just enduring and enduring and enduring. Your persecuters right behind you, never giving you a chance to rest. I’m done, exausted, worn, completely defeated without any hope. Where is God? Where are his promises?

  2. kathy neill

    keep our faith in Jesus until the end never give up we lose if we do. endure till the end. Revelation 2:10-11 Jesus is with us always He never leaves us nor forsakes us. love you all!

  3. Mike

    @ Olly, dear saint, I am praying for you. Many of us are in similar situations: trials, pains, sufferings, health issues, persecutions… all amazing privileges to share in the wonderful sufferings of our Holy Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is through this special, elite training that we are accelerated in our preparations for His coming outpouring. If we, by His Holy, Wholly enabling, can embrace these hardships through His Power, our lives become much richer and much more impenetrable by the enemy, not to mention the quantum leap we experience in closeness to the Lord through these last preparatory, finishing touches on our character and training. God bless you all richly for His glory!

  4. Franklin Revels

    Pray for each other. Pray for our family’s. For everyone. God have mercy on us.
    We all, must look at our own self and repent now and everyday as we all have come short of His will .
    Now is a time, short time to rest, repent, and seek God’s Face and mercy. Jesus face the Cross and Pain for us and is here right now, and The Holy Spirit is here to show us all. The Blood of Jesus is Sufficient. The Blood of Jesus is Holy, Pure, and Sufficient .
    Look at all God has Done, Suffered and Worked on Our Behalf be we where even born. God is the Most Faithful, Loving, Mercy and Forgiving of All That Be Living. I Am. So Thankful “I Am” is God. He is the Best. I want God, The Best Living in me and me Living in Him.
    IN God’s Eye’s. You are Loved Olly and so you everyone God made.
    God been planning His Whole Day around you “OllY”.
    Have a Jesus Day.
    Jesus is Lord, King, Savior, Friend, and Best of All, Our Hero.
    You Are Loved.

  5. Susan Elizabeth

    Olly, dear one. Hold The Line!!!

    It’s almost here. Words coming in form all over it’s almost time. Keep holding the line my brother. You will see one day that because you fought to hold rank before everyone else stepped in to help that YOU were the one strong enough that He chose to be the pillar.

    I am praying for you Olly.

    And all of you here on these comments I am praying for you too. Will write you all on my prayer board.

    We all need to be praying for one another daily focused prayer for at the very least a few min to help us all hold the line as everyone comes into formation.

  6. Great answer Lliz. Praying for each other, Having our Spirit’s standing side by side with each bro and sis as ONE Family, Praying in ONE Spirit, Having the Holy Spirit Praying with us, and for us all.
    We are not by our self’s nor without The Lord. The Lord has planned His day around each of Us and Blesses us. Love your answer and I myself have found how much I need the Lord, All the Lord , and living next to Jesus is the most WoW, The Greatest.
    May Jesus send even more Love to uplift everyone here and keep each person under the Blood of The Lamb. The Blood is Sufficient.
    Love, Love, Love, Yes everyone is Loved.

  7. Joelina

    Susan or anybody

    what is a plumb line?
    I tried to translate it but it just makes no sense.

  8. Susan Elizabeth


    It’s a old-time measuring device to see if you are building a building straight up or if it’s slightly leaning because it’s not built with exact balance and order with all peices in place

    In the picture He gave me in my mind during this word He showed me His Army from top to bottom like a chain with the top ranks being the conduit for those coming into allignment underneath and as everyone stepped into perfect consecration to Him and that straight Holy Narrow Plumb Line opening from heaven they were able to receive the outpouring from the one who stepped in before they did and all were lit up and brought into formation and solidified there to stand as one MIGHTY LIT UP WHITE GLOWING UNIT not to break rank or shove anyone out of place all in submission to OUR COMMANDER AND KING JESUS CHRIST!!!

    Glory to God it’s going to be so beautiful it makes me tear up

    The narrow path is the Plumbline

    Obedience and Surrender to Holy Spirit in full and to His words in Spirit and Truth

  9. Joelina


    Thank you so much for your explanation! This word is really uplifiting. Thank you for sharing. God bless you sister!

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