The High Priest’s Breastplate – Chadash

Jewish High Priest Breastplate
By JoeNitWit

The High Priest’s Breastplate

April 11, 2021 6:38 PM


This is a dream I recieved April 10th, 2021. In it, I am with a some people, and we are putting together what looks like the high priest’s breastplate , in the form of a cake. As I gaze on it, I see the ” God particles ” There was light moving in the molecules, and they are moving everything in Him, together as one. And I feel this move of the Spirit, too. I wake up and remember, that all creation groans for the coming forth of the sons of Yah. We are at a time, creation itself moves with or against a person, depending on if they are giving Yah everything.
The picture I see, is the preparation of the firstfruits of Yah’s people , as represented in the breastplate.. preparing themselves as an holy offering, as a living sacrifice, at this time.

Seeing God’s Spirit moving as light through this, and feeling this was so overwhelming….

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