The Hidden Remnant: The Spiritual Gladiators – The Hidden Nobodies – Anonymous Prophet

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The Hidden Remnant: The Spiritual Gladiators – The Hidden Nobodies

March 22, 2023 4:51 PM
Anonymous Prophet

I’m sharing this prophetic word received on Sunday, March 19, 2023 between 8:30am – 11:41am PDT:

The Hidden Remnant: The Spiritual Gladiators – The Hidden Nobodies equipped and matured to take down powers and principalities.

#1 – they are humble

#2 – they seek no recognition

#3 – they are peculiar

#4 – they have suffered tremendously, in the fire of affliction to bring forth their diamond nature

#5 – they are self-sacrificing

They are sharp, double-edged swords. They will serve two primary purposes, among others:

#1 – remove enemy strongholds and take down powers and principalities

#2 – bring in the end-time harvest

They may not come from the church or they may not quote scripture.

They will operate differently, they set a new precedent in the prophetic.

They will share Christ’s heart, it is their heart that qualifies them.

They will not be what many expect.

The question is, will you recognize them?

That is how I will judge, according to the ways you treat and receive my hidden ones and their messages. If you have abided in the secret place with me, if I know you and can see myself in you, you will be able to recognize them. Perhaps you will need to seek my confirmation, and I will do just that for those I have a relationship with. If not, confess, repent, pray and seek me quickly for the hour is truly short. In a way, it is already up.

I will use the foolish to confound the wise, and I can and I will use All (even the enemy) for these purposes. If you have a religious spirit, you may not pass the test. In fact, you will likely be the ones to call my hidden ones false prophets and heretics. Be warned, do my prophets no harm for your reward is not in this life but in the eternal and it will not be by my side. How you receive my hidden ones will determine your fate. They are obedient and yielded to me.

Time is speeding up. All that is happening in the world has served to hone and test your discernment. That is, the presence of the Holy Spirit operating in you. Events are testing your relationship with me and willingness to carry your cross and walk the straight and narrow path. To have eternal life with me, you must walk the path of Christ…crucified in the flesh, suffer similarly, and be made holy.

How do you think you will be able to fellowship with me eternally? I am holy, and you must be holy to abide in my presence.

If you were not awake before then you should be awake by now, wholeheartedly seeking after me to discern deep revelations about your false matrix. It is deeply seeded and covered up. Only I can reveal it to you because it is not being discussed in the open.

With kindness, I share that you do not yet sense the fullness of my presence and being-ness. There are mysteries and secrets that will be revealed only to those who have died to self and to the world and steadfastly seek after me with a fiery, all-consuming passion. Otherwise, what you know and understand is incomplete.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time, it is either me, the holy one, or the world and its deceiver. Most have not wholeheartedly chosen me. I know you have family and responsibilities and you must fulfill them. At the same time, you must also prioritize your relationship with me.

My hidden ones will call a spade a spade ♠️ If you were not called by me, they can and will call you out. They will identify many of the false prophets leading so many astray. They can and will call out anyone on the world stage for who and what they truly are.

If you have not truly sought me or know me, you may not be able to handle my hidden ones and the inconvenient truths they bring forth from me.

Please heed, and seek me so that you may be able to contend and STAND in these times. For if it would be possible, even the very elect will be deceived. I do not want to lose any of my children. I love you all and am incomplete as long as you remain my prodigal sons and daughters. I Am waiting for your return.

Salvation is for all, and this message is shared with deep respect, reverence and love for all life.

Please catch this in the spirit, and seek our Father concerning all.

With love,

Anonymous Prophet

PS – Father prompted me to post this message on YouTube. There is a little more context added in the video. However, the gist is captured in this written word. Thanks.

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