The Heavy Hand of the Lord – Danita D. Arnett

The Heavy Hand of the Lord

7/ 13/ 19
Danita D. Arnett

The heavy hand of the Lord is upon you, America. I will shake and shake until My children wake. Your Father’s loving hand will shake and shake until all that can be shaken will be shakened . I have cried. I have shouted. I have sent My watchmen and prophets to no avail. For ears are dumb to My messages desiring more the thing of this world – the comfort’s, riches, and delicacies. But when all of these things no longer exist, what will you do? Whom will you turn then? My holy name has been blaspheme and mocked in the church house. It is one thing for the lost to mock and blaspheme. But those called by My  name have turned My sanctuary into a place of entertainment , frivolity, mockery , lies, and deceit allowing My sheep to be led to the
slaughter. For My shepherds are more concerned about numbers, money , fame, and power. But , to their great shame I will shake and with My heavy hand will their idols and lies be brought down. Hearts will be exposed. I WILL MAKE MYSELF KNOWN. My Son’s name will bebexalted and glorified as the Name above all Name’s! For I Am a holy God and I will come as a roaring Lion! WAKE UP & BE PREPARED! WAKE UP!”

I Sam 5:6 Now the hand of the Lord was heavy on the people of Ashdod and it’s vicinity, ravaging and afflicting with tumors.

Psa 32:4 For day and night Your hand was heavy upon me.

Isa 38:13 I composed my self until morning. Like a lion He breaks all my bones; from day until night You made an end to me.

7/ 13/ 19
Handmaiden of the Lord

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