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The harvest will be greater than you realize – Terri Hennessey

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The harvest will be greater than you realize

March 27, 2023 11:01 AM
Terri Hennessey

March 27/23

The time is now daughter, write My words.

My child write,

The hand of your Almighty God is about to touch down upon the hearts of man. Piercing into the very souls of My Creation, where I can see with perfect vision, the thoughts and intentions of those who are Mine as well as those who have chosen the enemy. These ones chose in conscientiousness to serve My enemy. They chose to become My enemy. Oh how deceived are these ones! More than any unbeliever; more than the lukewarm. Those in the camp of the enemy, those who have gone into agreement with the enemy have truly given up their inheritance for nothing more than materialistic pottage. A bowl of stew that will be thrown to the ground at the moment of My Coming. All its contents, rotten and spoiled shall be scattered and they shall realize their grave deception. Pray for these, for they shall fall into the winepress of My wrath; My indignation. They shall fall hard and only when they realize their error, shall they want to seek Me out. They don’t come because they love Me, they come because they have no other recourse to stand on. Pray, they are humbled. For only a humble heart will I receive. These are they who purposefully chose to walk away from My light. They embrace evil and love darkness. They will only come toward the light when they discover that the enemy used them; deceived them. I Am second choice and only because they want to save their own hides. These ones need the prayers of My Saints, for unless their pride is pressed and crushed, they cannot enter in. Pray My precious Saints. Pray for those who selfishly seek out their own. My true Bride is selfless. My Saints care more for the lost than their own selves. Their focus is on the lost as they have My heart and display My Spirit within. All who have been deceived by the enemy will receive a wake up call to truth. Many will go down with him. But this is not My will for them. My heart is for all to repent; to be humbled. To see themselves as they are in My sight. That they are poor, blind and naked. But I would heal them. I would dress them in My finest robe, I would restore their sight and they would have My riches. For there is no greater possession of value than My salvation. They are truly on My heart. I know they do great evil in this earth, and they are truly stirring up wrath, but I long to intervene and open their eyes. So please Saints, please pray for these ones as they are lost and almost without any hope. The prayers that come to Me, they are so much more powerful and impactful than My children realize. ‘The prayers of a righteous man avails much.’ This is more true than you understand or realize. The harvest will be greater than you realize. And the closer you are to Me, your love and prayers, your devotion and focus on My will and My purpose, will increase My favor. Intercession, also so powerful and impactful. So grow in prayer, grow in intercession, love, devotion and worship, for I move mightily for those who love and seek Me. That is all for now. My precious children, keep going. Keep pressing in. You are doing more for My Kingdom than you can ever know or see. Trust in this truth.

Your loving Papa,
ABBA Father

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