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The Harvest is About to Become Complete – LynL

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The Harvest is About to Become Complete

May 5, 2024 11:26 AM

My words fall on deaf ears, only to find my impact
Can bring me to tears
I guide, I prod, I lead, but which one of them
Will come to seed?
I till, I fertilize, I do more than anyone realizes
Bringing to harvest, all that I see
Come to me on bended knees
I separate the tares from the wheat
The Harvest is about to become complete!


Watch Your Lips, For They Can Sink Ships

Thank you for being there, each and everyday
Helping me find my way
Your Words impact the world I live in
Giving life to all, that has been
Your strength is beyond all comprehension
I know that you’re with me, to the end
Guide me, lead me, and show me the way
And help me “create” my day
Give me the words, you wish me to say
For what is said, is what I see straight ahead
Words create the world you live in
Watch your lips, for they can sink ships

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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